The Hustle- An American Comedy


Hello, guys i am back with the new update of a Hollywood movie “The Hustle” which is going to release on 10th May 2019. It is an american comedy drama. The movie is about two girls where one girl is from lower class and other girl is upper class they both join hands to teach a lesson to a men who done wrong with them and the two actress who are playing this roles are Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway.

This Movie is the remake of the film “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” which came in 1988 and the movie “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”  is the reconstruction of the movie “Bedtime Story” which was released in 1964. As per the source, the movie has received a similar release date but it was not released for some reason. Now it will be interesting to see that the film will released on 10th May or its release date will go ahead.

Let’s See the Star Cast of the Movie “The Hustle”

Sr. No. Important Characters Role Played
1. Directed by Chris Addison
2. Produced by
  • Rebel Wilson
  • Roger Birnbaum
3. Screenplay by Dale Launer

Jac Schaeffer

Stanley Shapiro

Paul Henning

4. Based on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
5. Starring
  • Rebel Wilson
  • Alex Sharp
  • Dean Norris
  • Anne Hathaway
6. Music by Anne Dudley
7. Cinematography Michael Coulter
8. Edited by Anthony Boys
9. Production Company
  • Metro-Goldwyn_Mayer
  • Cave 76 Productions
  • Pin High Productions
  • Camp Sugar Productions
10. Distributed by
  • Universal Pictures (International)
  • United Artists Releasing (US)
11. Release date May 10th, 2019
12. Country United States
13. Language English

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