After Anupama, Kavya will divorce Vanraj, angrily Toshu will push Kinjal

In the serial 'Anupama', the audience is getting to see tremendous high voltage drama these days. While Malavika has made Vanraj Shah sleep gone as soon as he re-enters the show, his wife Kavya will give another blow to Vanraj.

After Anupama, Kavya will divorce Vanraj, angrily Toshu will push Kinjal
After Anupama, Kavya will divorce Vanraj, angrily Toshu will push Kinjal

These days high voltage drama is being seen in the famous TV serial 'Anupama'. Malvika took revenge on the Shah family by firing Vanraj Shah, Toshu, and Kavya. On the other hand, the preparations for Anuj-Anupama's wedding have already kept Vanraj and Ba troubling.

Kavya got shocked
Apart from Vanraj and Toshu, Malvika has also thrown out Kavya from her job. Kavya (Madalsa) has felt the shock of these things so much that she is completely broken. Sitting in the room, Kavya will cry bitterly. In this, Rakhi Dave's call will come. Kavya will try to control herself but she will not be able to control her tears on seeing Rakhi. After this Kavya will tell Rakhi that 'everything is over. I have no home, no job, and no family of my own. In such a situation, I do not understand what to do, to whom should I go.'


Toshu will tell Kinjal the truth
On the other hand, as soon as Kinjal comes to her room, Toshu, who gets angry, pours on her. Toshu tells Kinjal 'I lost my job and got hurt but you don't care about that.' In response, Kinjal says that 'You were not hurt that much and you were in a bad mood, so left you alone for a while.' Toshu says 'You did not want to spoil your mood, so you did not come. Malvika has fired me and Papa from the job but still, you were chilling out with her. In many words, Toshu gets so angry that Kinjal is accidentally shocked and she falls on the bed. After this Toshu apologizes to Kinjal and says that he did not do this intentionally, it happened by mistake.

Toshu will plead in front of Rakhi Dave

Toshu is messaging someone while sitting in the bedroom. As soon as he goes out, Kinjal's eyes fall on the laptop. It is then that Kinjal learns that Toshu is again seeking a job from Rakhi Dave. Kinjal thinks in her mind that how can Toshu do this. There is no Self Respect in this at all.


Kavya will divorce Vanraj
On the other hand, Kavya will go to meet Rakhi Dave. Rakhi Dave will tell Kavya 'I think you should take the step.' Kavya asks how step? In response, Rakhi Dave says 'First you should think about the job, after that about the divorce. Get a divorce and get out of that madhouse.

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