Akshay Kumar shared the picture and told 'Who was in the Rasode?'

Akshay Kumar Rasode Mein Kaun Tha moment : Akshay Kumar will be seen in In the Wild with Bare Grills in Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

Akshay Kumar shared the picture and told 'Who was in the Rasode?'
Akshay Kumar Rasode Mein Kaun Tha moment: Akshay Kumar shared the picture and told 'Who was in the cook?'

Actor Akshay Kumar has shared his opinion on 'Who was there in Rasode?' . In this, he is seen alongside British adventurer Bare Grylls.



In the photo, Bayer can be seen burning a forest fire with dry grass, while Akshay is seen doing so. Akshay captioned the photo, 'There was a beer in the cook. Also he has asked do you know what he is cooking?' 'Rasode' refers to a video which went viral last month. It is remixed with a scene from Star Plus' daily show 'Saath Nibhana Saathiya' with music.

Know with Akshay Kumar - Who was in the Rasode?

Akshay shared the action-packed trailer of the upcoming 'Man vs Wild' episode on Twitter last week and revealed how Bayer surprised him by making a unique tea. Explaining this, he tweeted, 'I had imagined tough challenges before shooting #IntoTheWildWithBearGrylls, but @bearGrylls surprised me completely by making me tea with elephant stools.'


In 'The Wild with Bear Grylls' at Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Akshay Kumar shoots following all the military drills. Bare will be seen handling a fit and agile Akshay. Talking about the shooting, Akshay said, 'I have always praised Bayer Grylls for his energy and passion. It was a wonderful experience being with him in the jungle when he was carrying out one challenge after another.

Akshay also said that it is different than the film set because there is a lot of sense of reality here. This episode is close to Akshay's heart. A big reason for this is that it will also raise awareness about the 'Bharat Ke Veer' app. A fund-raising initiative for the soldiers who have received Veeragati. Akshay Kumar goes on to say, 'What I found interesting about this show is that it is an entertaining and adventurous lead show and it covers the purpose well. India's Veer Project is close to my heart and I will continue to use all opportunities to ensure that more and more countrymen become a part of it. '

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