Bigg Boss's ex-contestant Arshi khan accused Salman Khan

Arshi Khan rubbished Bigg Boss makers and said that like last year, Ejaz Khan will win Bigg Boss 14 trophy.

Bigg Boss's ex-contestant Arshi khan accused Salman Khan
Bigg Boss's ex-contestant Arshi khan accused Salman Khan of bias, said- Ijaz Khan is the winner of this show

Arshi Khan often makes headlines for her comments and opinions about the Bigg Boss show. Arshi Khan herself has been a contestant of Bigg Boss season 11. Arshi Khan is once again in the limelight regarding the statement. She said, "Bigg Boss 14 makers seem to favor Ejaz Khan more. In this show, Ejaz Khan will always be saved, so like Siddharth in the last season, she will also be made a winner.



Recently, talking about the ongoing Bigg Boss 14 season in an interview, Arshi said that according to him who will take the trophy home. How does she feel about Kavita Kaushik and Ijaz Khan is busy showing her well through a show? Arshi Khan said, "Kavita and Ijaz Khan are going to play a long game. While Salman Khan is giving the same support to Ijaz that Siddharth Shukla got in last year's season."

Do you know Bigg Boss's ex-contestant Arshi khan accused Salman Khan of bias?

Arshi Khan goes on to say, "I think Kavita Kaushik is the truest person inside. She only likes herself and she is outside the way she is in the house. People are targeting her and mocking her all the time They keep blowing. If anyone reacts like this, they will get angry somewhere or not. I think Ijaz Khan feels completely insecure about his presence in the house. Maybe he can talk about them a lot They know the secret and they are afraid that they will not come out. If the poem opens its mouth, it will be exposed. "



Arshi Khan also feels that the makers of the show are improving the image of Ejaz Khan and Salman Khan too. Like she was with Siddharth Shukla in the last season. There is no doubt that Bigg Boss is a show where everything is real. Sometimes it is a risk for the Contestants on the image. He is trying to show Kavita Kaushik in a bad light, while she is completely biased towards Ejaz Khan and showing him as one. Even in the last season, he was completely in favor of Siddharth Shukla.'


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