Salman Khan will be married on this day, Panditji revealed in Big Boss!

Discussions of Salman Khan's wedding often happen, but the fans have not yet known when Salman will get married. However, this time Panditji has revealed it.

Salman Khan will be married on this day, Panditji revealed in Big Boss!
Salman Khan will be married on this day, Panditji revealed in Big Boss!

People often ask questions about Salman Khan's wedding. Salman's fans want to know when his superstar will get married. This question was also heard in the reality show 'Bigg Boss 14' which started on Saturday. You will be surprised to know that Salman Khan himself posed this question to Panditji who came as a guest on the show.



On this, Panditji told him that after all, why he has not been married yet. At the same time, he also told what is the sum of his marriage now. Actually, in the first episode of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan was having fun with welcoming contestants. He was also telling some stories of his life. During this time, discussion on Salman's marriage started suddenly.

On which day Salman Khan will marry?

Salman Khan told Panditji that you had said many years ago that I will get married, but the marriage has not happened yet. While answering this question immediately, Panditji said that the direction of your planets is not going right now, the sum which was being formed for your marriage has dissolved.

On this, Salman again said that now when the sum of his marriage will be formed, Panditji said that in the near future, the sum of your marriage can be made. However, Salman laughed a lot after hearing this. There is speculation that Salman is dating Yulia Vantur these days, but Salman has never publicly accepted it. It will be interesting to see if this thing reaches their marriage.

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