Sanjay Dutt, free from cancer, thanked the fans for love and blessings

Sanjay Dutt thanked all his fans and said that you all should be a source of inspiration for me. It would not have been possible without the love and blessings of all of you.

Sanjay Dutt, free from cancer, thanked the fans for love and blessings
Sanjay Dutt, free from cancer, thanked the fans for love and blessings

Film actor Sanjay Dutt announced on Twitter to win the battle against cancer. He said that while sharing this news with all of you today, my heart was filled with gratitude. He thanked his fans for the love and blessings.

On Twitter, Sanjay Dutt wrote, "The last few weeks were very difficult for me and my family. But as it is said that God gives the strongest battle to his strongest soldier. And today on my child's birthday, I am happy that I have won the battle and am able to give them the best gift " The actor went on to say, "This would not have been possible without your support and trust. I wholeheartedly thank my family, friends, and all the fans who were sources of inspiration for me and stood by me. Thank you for your undying love and blessings. "

Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt also said, "I am especially thankful to the doctors and nurses of Dr. Sevanti and her team who took care of me properly at Kokilaben Hospital during the last few weeks." In a conversation with the News portal, a friend claimed that Sanjay was cancer-free. In August, it was reported that Sanjay Dutt became a victim of advanced-stage lung cancer. After this, Sanjay Dutt was seen for treatment in Lilavati and Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital of Mumbai many times.

Raj Bansal, a close friend of Sanjay Dutt for the last four decades and a well-known name in the field of film distribution, while talking to The News portal from Jaipur, claimed that Sanjay Dutt has now become completely cancer-free. Raj Bansal told the News portal on Tuesday, "Sanjay Dutt went to Mumbai's Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital yesterday for his PET scan. The doctors told him after the check-up that he was free of cancer. PET scan test It is considered the most authentic test of cancer worldwide. "

Sanjay Dutt with Raj Bansal,

Raj Bansal further told the News portal, "I had a conversation with Sanjay Dutt over the phone after the test in the hospital. Sanjay Dutt seemed very happy while giving me this news." What did Sanjay say in the conversation? On this question of the News portal, Raj Bansal said, "Sanjay, quoting the doctor, while giving the news of his own cancer-free, told me that I am very happy and will soon complete the shoots of all the remaining unfulfilled films. Sanjay From me that first, he will complete the shooting of 'KGF', then will shoot for 'Shamshera', after this shooting of 'Prithviraj Chauhan' and then will finish shooting of 'Bhuj'. "


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