Third day of CBI investigation, at present the investigation revolves around three characters

In the case of Sushant Singh Rajput, the CBI continued to interrogate the 3 people present in Sushant's house who were present at Sushant's house on the third day. After about 4 hours of questioning, CBI officials reached Sushant Rajput's flat where Sushant died.

Third day of CBI investigation, at present the investigation revolves around three characters
Sushant death case: Third day of CBI investigation, at present the investigation revolves around three characters

The CBI investigating the case of Sushant Rajput's death continued to interrogate the 3 people present in Sushant's house who were present at Sushant's house on the day of the incident. The CBI, with these people, once again reached Sushant's flat on the third day where Sushant died. During this time, the CBI stayed in Sushant's flat for about 3:30 hours, and from there, based on the information collected in the last two days, further extended its investigation.

On the third day of investigation, CBI once again called Neeraj, Siddharth, and Deepesh from the morning at the place where the CBI officials are staying. After questioning these people for about 4 hours, CBI officials once again reached around 2:30 pm at the flat in Sushant Rajput where Sushant died. After reaching the flat, the CBI team proceeded with its investigation on all aspects, from videography to photography and from crime scene mapping to forensic evidence gathering.

Today is the third day of CBI investigation

Siddharth, Deepesh, and Neeraj are constantly present with the CBI investigation team. Based on the statements of these three, the CBI is currently pursuing its investigation. However, during this time a CBI team also once again interrogated the investigating officers of Mumbai Police who had reached Sushant's flat after the incident and who prepared the scroll and panchnama of Sushant's dead body.

Meanwhile, the CBI team also questioned the owner of the flat in which Sushant lived. During this inquiry, the CBI wanted to know what kind of agreement was made with Sushant while giving the flat on rent and how the rent money was paid. That is, the rental money was transferred in cash, by check, or by account transfer. Along with this, how was the money given as security deposit given, and was there any role of Riya in the middle of all this.



At the same time, news came out from Mumbai Police sources that the post-mortem report was not saying that the time of Sushant's death was not correct. Because along with the first post-mortem report, a second post-mortem report was also prepared and in that supplementary post-mortem report, the time of Sushant's death was told about 12 to 15 hours before the post-mortem. The post mortem of Sushant's dead body lasted from 11 am to 12:30 pm. According to this, according to the supplementary post-mortem report, Sushant died between 8 am and 11 am.

However, from the information that came from the police sources, questions are also being raised about the supplementary post mortem report. For example, Sushant's post-mortem took place in the night itself on the day of the incident, while Sushant's post-mortem was done 3 days after his suicide.

This post-mortem also took place at the same Cooper Hospital where Sushant's post-mortem took place. But within two weeks of the post-mortem, two different things were revealed. Disha Saliyan's post-mortem was done 3 days later because Kovid-19 of Disha's dead body was done before postmortem and postmortem of the body was done only after its report.

While this did not happen in Sushant's case, due to this, his family has also been raising questions about this post-mortem done in haste. Along with this, it has been continuously said on behalf of the family that the post-mortem report was not given to them earlier and when it was found later, it did not mention at what time Sushant died. That is, according to this, the supplementary post-mortem report to Sushant's family, which Mumbai Police sources are referring to, has not been received.

At the same time, Neeraj's statement to the cook of Sushant's house has also come to the fore. Neeraj has told all the stories from about 1 year before Sushant's death to the day Sushant's death. According to this statement, Sushant had come out of his room on the 14th morning also and he had a conversation with Neeraj after which the servant Keshav also gave juice to Sushant to drink and Sushant also drank the juice and after that, The door of the room closed and when Siddharth Pithani called the keyman and broke the lock of the door, Sushant's body was seen hanging from the fan there.

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So in this way, CBI is engaged in digging all the facts that came with each passing day. Through this investigation, the CBI is trying to find out that there is no difference in the statements of people who were in the house or who saw the body of Sushant on the 14th, because on this basis the CBI will proceed its investigation.

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