After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Abhinav Kashyap targeted Salman Khan, said - my career was ruined

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, everyone is in shock and people are targeting the way Bollywood works. Abhinav Singh Kashyap has targeted Salman, Arbaaz, Sohet, and Salim Khan in this case.

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Abhinav Kashyap targeted Salman Khan, said - my career was ruined
After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Abhinav Kashyap targeted Salman Khan, said - my career was ruined

While on the one hand, Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has spoken about the investigation of Sushant Singh Rajput's death from the angle of business rivalry in the film industry, on the other hand, filmmaker Abhinav Singh has also appealed to the government to investigate the matter to the bottom. Abhinav has posted a lengthy post on his Facebook after Sushant's death and has spoken a lot about the bitter truths related to the film industry that could be the reason for the death of the actor. He has written in his post.



Sushant's suicide has exposed the huge problem of the industry with which many of us deal. What exactly can be the reason that forces someone to commit suicide? I fear his death may not be the start of a big movement like #metoo.

Abhinav Kashyap targeted Salman Khan after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput's death has raised questions over the role of Talent Management Agency of Yash Raj Films, which may have pushed him to suicide, but this investigation has to be done by the authorities. These people do not make your career, they ruin your career. For a decade, I have been facing all this myself. I can claim that every talent manager in Bollywood and all talent management agency is a death trap for artists. They are all white collard brokers and are all invoiced with them. They have the same simple mantra - in the Hamam, all the naked and those who are not naked, naked, because if one is caught then all will be caught.



First of all, the talent from outside Mumbai has to face these casting directors (talent scouts), who start seeking direct commission in exchange for their small contacts.



After this, these talents are lured by Bollywood parties and then they are introduced to celebrities on the pretext of any such restaurant launch, etc. The glare of celebrities and the greed of Easy Money begins, which he had never thought of. Explain that they are ignored in such parties and they are treated badly so that they feel discouraged and their self-confidence is shattered.



When their confidence is broken, these casting directors offer them a contract for several years and make pressure to sign it by promising to protect them from the pangs of the field, or by giving them little greed. Remember that breaking such contracts means heavy financial penalties for these emerging talent. These scouts show such talent by convincing them that they have no other option but to sign it.

As soon as these talents sign a deal with these agencies, then their right to their choice on any career-related decision ends. They are made to work as bonded laborers for less money. ... and if he is brave and is left out of the management's hands, then he deliberately boycotts the system and his name disappears until he goes to another agency in the hope of a better tomorrow Do not hold.

But it never comes tomorrow. His new agency does the same thing. The same thing has been happening for the last several years, the talent of any actor is repeatedly broken until he either commits suicide or becomes a victim of Prostitution / Escort Service (Mail Escort). Which caters to the ego and sex needs of the rich and powerful people. However, this is the case not only in Bollywood but also in the corporate world and politics.



My experience is no different from all these things and I have also faced exploitation and bigotry. Arbaaz Khan at the time of 'Dabangg' and ever since. So here I am telling the story of the next 10 years after 'Dabangg'. The reason for my exit from 'Dabangg 2' making 10 years ago was that Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan were trying to control my career by meeting their family and I was very intimidated. Arbaaz also spoiled my second project, which was from Shri Ashtavinayak Films, which I signed on at the behest of Mr. Hate Raj Raj Mehta. He was threatened with dire consequences if he worked with me. I gave the money back to Mr. Ashtavinayak Films and then I went to Viacom Pictures. He did the same. The only loser this time was Sohail Khan and he threatened the CEO of Vikram Malhotra. My project was over and I returned the signing fee of Rs 7 crore with 90 lakh interest. After this, Reliance Entertainment came up to save me. We worked on the film 'Besharam' in partnership.

After this, Salman Khan and the family stuck in the film's release just before the release of 'Besharam', their PRO threw a lot of mud at me and ran a negative campaign against me. The situation became such that the distributors were afraid to buy my film. Well, Reliance Industry and I could release this film, but this fight had started. My enemies kept running a negative campaign against me and kept saying bad about the film so that it collapsed at the box office, but it somehow grossed 58 crores.

But their fight continued ... They also put on the satellite release of the film which had already been sold to Zayi Lal of Zee Telefilms. However, a good relationship with Reliance led to a negotiation of satellite rights, but in much less money.

After this, many of my projects got stuck for many years and I was threatened with rape along with the female members of my house. All of this deeply hurt my and my family's mental health. I got divorced, my family was completely shattered in the year 2017. He gave such threats through text messages from different numbers. I went to the police station to file an FIR in 2017 with proof and they refused to register it (non-cognizable complaint). When such threats kept coming, I forced the police to find out who sent the message, then they could not find them (Sohail Khan - who I suspected of sending the message). My complaint is still open even though I have strong evidence.


My enemies are very vicious and clever and always hide and attack me, but the good thing is that in these 10 years I have come to know who are my enemies. Let me tell you that these are - Salim Khan, Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan. Although there are many small fish but Salman Khan's family is the head of this poisonous pond. They use their money, political power, and the underworld to intimidate and bully anyone.

Let's use the forces together. Unfortunately


Unfortunately, the truth is on me and I am not going to keep arms like Sushant Singh Rajput. I refused to kneel and would fight until either they or I were over. Enough withstanding, now is the time to fight and it's not a threat, it's an open challenge. Sushant Singh Rajput went ahead and hopes that he will be happier wherever he is, but I assure that now no one will give his life if he is not treated with respect in Innocent Bollywood.


I hope that the artists who have faced this truth will share my post on different social platforms. - - Abhinav Singh Kashyap

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