Anupama Spoiler Alert: Vanraj will promise to help Anuj, together will take revenge for Malvika

Anupama Spoiler Alert: In today's episode of 'Anupama', Anuj and Vanraj will be seen coming together. Both will forget their enmity for Malavika.

Anupama Spoiler Alert: Vanraj will promise to help Anuj, together will take revenge for Malvika
Anupama Spoiler Alert: Vanraj will promise to help Anuj, together will take revenge for Malvika

The story of Rupali Ganguly starrer famous TV show 'Anupama' is coming out with new twists these days. In the new year, this serial has taken such a mode, after which the entry of some new characters can also be considered as a knock. Actress Aneri Vajani, who took entry in the show in the past, is taking the show in a new direction. In today's episode, Anuj and Vanraj are going to be seen coming together to take revenge on one such person.

Anupama will feel pity for Malvika
Last day we saw Malvika getting ready to go to the party when she gets shocked seeing a man raising his hand on his wife. Next to this, we will see today that she will imprison herself in a room and Anuj-Anupama will open the door together. But seeing the inside view, Anupama's eyes will be torn apart. At the same time, Anuj will also go into deep shock after seeing all this. Because Malavika will shout loudly that don't kill me, don't kill me, it hurts, leaves me.


Malvika is battling depression
Anuj will go out of the room restless but Anupama will see a medicine only then. She will call Anuj with a voice. Then Anuj will see and say that these are medicines for depression. But Anuj's words will make him realize that even he did not know that Malvika was suffering from depression.

Her mother getting away from sweety
Here on the other hand we will see that everyone is missing Anupama during the party at Shah House. Samar and Vanraj will repeatedly call Anuj, Anupama, and Malvika. Pakhi i.e. Sweety will watch the clock at every moment and will ask Vanraj that her mother will come, won't she? Then everyone in the house will be worried about where everyone has left after all. But even in this time, Kavya will not be deterred from spitting poison in front of everyone in the house.


The truth of Malavika's marriage
Next, we will see that Anuj will tell Anupama that after seeing a boy, he got Akshay away from Malvika's life and married his sister. But Malavika was not married to a human but to a devil. Anuj will tell that all limits of cruelty were crossed with Malavika on New Year's Eve. Then he had brought her with him but that devil got out of his hands.

Vanraj will support Anuj
Next, we will see that Vanraj will come to Anuj's house to know about everyone's condition if Anuj and Anupama do not reach Shah House. He will come and see that both Malvika and Anuj are crying in Anupama's lap. After this, when this truth comes in front of Vanraj, he will tell Anuj that he is with him. He will support her whenever needed.

In such a situation, now two such characters can take entry in the show, after which the show can turn into a completely new story. Malavika's boyfriend Akshay can come to the show, who has already taken the tag of being greedy. Second, her husband can also bring new havoc by coming to the show.

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