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A storm is about to come in Anuj Anupamaa's life, 'Maya' will take away little Anu

Anupamaa Written Update: Paritosh's truth has come to the fore in 'Anupamaia' but Paritosh still does not realize that he has done any kind of mistake.

Now you have seen in the TV show 'Anupamaa' that trouble has arisen in the Shah house due to Toshu's mistakes. Vanraj wants to return the money to Jayanti Bhai but no arrangements are being made. Baa also gave her jewelry so that the police do not come to the house but Vanraj refused to take Baa's jewelry. In today's episode, you will see that Babuji will advise Vanraj to sell Baa's ornaments. But Vanraj will refuse, only then will Kavya's entry happen and she will say that she is fed up with the domestic drama. Vanraj points a finger at Kavya's modeling, which infuriates Kavya. Baa will also taunt Kavya but Kavya will also give a befitting reply to Baa.

Kavya will refuse to give money
Vanraj will say things to Kavya about the character of the photographer, after which Kavya will point a finger at Vanraj's thinking. Vanraj will ask Kavya for the key to the locker but Kavya will refuse to give the key. She will say why should she compensate for Toshu's mistakes. Kavya will say that if Babuji, Samar, or Kinjal needed it, I would have given the money but not to Toshu. Kavya will once again advise Vanraj not to disturb them during work.

Kinjal will come to know the truth
Vanraj will try to seek help from Kinjal as well but Kinjal will also refuse to help Toshu. But seeing the condition of the family, Kinjal will say that she will give the money she had collected for Pari's future, but Toshu will remember that he had already stolen the money from the cupboard. Paritosh tries to pacify everyone so that Kinjal doesn't think about the money. When Kinjal looks in her cupboard, she will find the money missing. Kinjal will ask Paritosh if he has taken the money. When Toshu says yes, everyone will start taunting him.

Storms will come in Anuj Anupamaa's life
Toshu will instead tell Vanraj that when he did not have money then why did he promise to give money to Jayanti Bhai overnight? So now he has to deal with this problem. Vanraj will be surprised that Toshu is not at all sorry about his actions. Toshu will say that if Baa has to give ornaments and Bapuji his savings, then what happened, people do this much for their children. Hearing this, Vanraj's anger will rise and he will start beating Toshu. Babuji will be shocked to save Toshu.


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Maya's entry
Toshu will still not realize that he has made a mistake. He will say that whatever he did, he did it to improve the condition of the house. On the contrary, he will start pointing fingers at Vanraj only. In the upcoming episodes, you will see that Anu's friendship with a woman named Maya increases a lot, seeing as Anuj and Anupamaa will be a little surprised.