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Again Sona Mahapatra spoke such a big thing about Shehnaaz Gill! Said- 'Spend some money and time on education...'

Sona Mahapatra On Shehnaaz Gill: Singer Sona Mohapatra has once again targeted Shehnaaz Gill and advised her to be a little educated. Let us show you his latest tweet.

Sona Mohapatra, a famous Bollywood singer, has once again targeted Shehnaaz Gill, a former contestant of the reality show 'Bigg Boss 13', for supporting #Meetoo accused Sajid Khan. Sona has been very active on social media and has raised her voice against Sajid Khan multiple times. However, she keeps taking a dig at Shehnaaz for supporting him.

Sona accused Shehnaaz of adopting shortcuts

In her latest tweet, Sona advised Shehnaaz to invest some time and money in getting an education and honing her skills instead of relying on shortcuts such as hanging around successful men or buying PR. She also compared Shehnaaz to Jacqueline Fernandes and criticized those who support her, saying she does not know what special talent Shehnaaz has and that some women take shortcuts to get roles or money.

Sona's criticism of Shehnaaz has sparked a debate on social media, with many of Shehnaaz's fans defending her and accusing Sona of being jealous. However, Shehnaaz has not responded to Sona's comments.

In conclusion, while Sona Mohapatra has every right to voice her opinions about Sajid Khan and other issues, it is important to refrain from personal attacks and focus on the issues at hand. It is also important to remember that success comes from hard work and dedication and that education and honing one's skills are essential for long-term success in any field.