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Ankita Lokhande's husband had to bear taunts after Sushant's suicide, now Vicky Jain broke his silence

Ankita Lokhande Husband On Trolls: Vicky Jain, the husband of actress Ankita Lokhande, had to face a lot of criticism after the death of ex-boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput. Now the husband of the actress has reacted to this.

TV actress Ankita Lokhande, who rose to fame with the TV show 'Pavitra Rishta,' recently tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend and businessman Vicky Jain on December 14, 2021. However, their relationship was not always smooth sailing, especially after the tragic death of Ankita's ex-boyfriend and actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Vicky Jain recently revealed in an interview with Bollywood Bubble that after Sushant's death, he and his family faced a lot of criticism from the public. People started targeting them, but despite all the negativity, he chose to stand by Ankita's side and hold her hand. Instead of weakening their relationship, they became a team and faced all the troubles together.

Ankita's relationship with Sushant lasted for 6 years
Ankita and Sushant had dated for six years before their relationship turned sour and they parted ways. When Sushant passed away on June 14, 2020, Ankita was devastated and could not believe that he had taken such a step. Fans started to blame Ankita for Sushant's death, saying that if she had not left him, he would still be alive today.

Vicky-Ankita did not weaken their relationship

Amidst all the discussions and rumors, Ankita's boyfriend-turned-husband Vicky Jain had to face a lot of criticism. But he remained strong and supportive of Ankita throughout this difficult time. He praised her for being protective of their relationship and for standing by him despite all the negativity.

In the end, Vicky Jain's message was clear - their love for each other was what mattered most, and they had overcome all the challenges together. Despite facing criticism and hardships, their love had only grown stronger.

It's inspiring to see how Ankita and Vicky have stood by each other through thick and thin. Their story serves as a reminder that no matter what challenges we face in life, the most important thing is to have someone by our side who loves us and supports us unconditionally.