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Ankush will call Maya a market woman, younger Anu's mother will call herself a 'dancer'

Anupamaa Written Update: Today in the TV serial 'Anupamaa', the truth of little Anu's mother Maya is going to be revealed, knowing which everyone will be surprised.

In the current episode of the popular TV show "Anupamaa," the truth about Maya's past is finally revealed. Anuj is determined to uncover the truth. In today's episode, Anupamaa shows her compassion by thanking Maya in front of everyone, telling her that she is the mother of Little Anu. This revelation shocks all the party guests, and Vanraj insults Anupamaa for her actions, but Kavya comes to her defense and exposes Vanraj's lies. Maya, in turn, gratefully thanks, Anupamaa.

At Little Anu's birthday party, Vanraj tries to stir up trouble between Anuj and Maya, but Anuj decides to take action against Maya. As the party progresses, Anupamaa and Maya even perform together. Little Anu's confusion over whom to feed her birthday cake to first is relieved when she chooses Anupamaa, bringing Anuj some peace of mind. Baa and Bapuji also give Little Anu a gift and help heal Anuj's wounds.


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However, the truth about Maya's past is far from over. Ankush, Anuj's brother, reveals that Maya is a market woman and the younger Anu is her illegitimate daughter. This revelation leads to a heated confrontation, with Maya slapping Ankush and Anupamaa scolding him for his disrespectful words. Maya breaks down and reveals that she was once a dancer at a club. In the upcoming episodes, there is potential danger ahead for Paritosh