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Anupamaa: Major Twists After 5-Year Leap - Anupamaa's Life Changing and Actress Leaving

Anupamaa: A lot of drama is being seen in the TV show 'Anupamaa' for the last few days. Now soon there will be a leap of 5 years in the show, due to which the story will change even more. Learn about the new twist.

Rupali Ganguly's Starrer show 'Anupamaa' has been capturing the audience's attention with its engaging storyline and intriguing twists. With recent developments in the story, including Anupamaa's separation from Anuj, the show is all set to take a leap of 5 years, bringing in a whole new twist to the plot. In this article, we will explore the upcoming changes in Anupamaa's life and the show's latest track, including an actress being discharged from the show.

Leap of 5 Years:
According to the buzz, 'Anupamaa' will take a leap of 5 years, resulting in significant changes in the lives of Anupamaa and Anuj. After their separation, Anupamaa and Anuj drifted apart due to the manipulations of Maya, Vanraj, and Barkha. In the post-leap phase, Anuj and Anupamaa will be shown living separate lives, with Anupamaa starting her own dance academy at her home after losing her previous one.

Actress Discharge News:
One of the major updates after the leap is that actress Asmi Dev, who plays the role of Chhoti Anu, will be discharged from the show. As Chhoti Anu grows up after the leap, her character will no longer be part of the storyline, leaving fans saddened by the news of her exit from the show.

Anupamaa's Latest Track:
In the current track of the show, Barkha has joined hands with Maya to plot against Anuj and Anupamaa due to her greed for money. Barkha's manipulations have caused a strain on Adhik and Pakhi's relationship, and she has also poisoned Dimple's mind against Anupamaa. As a result, Dimple snatched Anupamaa's dance academy, and now she is instigating Samar against the Shah family.


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Samar's Upcoming Marriage and Anupamaa's Career:
In the upcoming episodes, Samar and Dimple are set to get married, but with everyone refusing to take responsibility for them, Anupamaa also declines to do so. This leaves Samar furious, and he decides to leave the Shah household. Anupamaa, on the other hand, decides to focus solely on her career and leaves behind the family's worries.

With the leap of 5 years in 'Anupamaa', the show's storyline is set to take a new turn, with Anupamaa and Anuj leading separate lives and facing new challenges. The discharge of actress Asmi Dev, who portrays Chhoti Anu, adds another element of change to the show. The upcoming episodes are expected to be filled with interesting twists and turns, keeping the audience hooked to the popular TV show 'Anupamaa'.