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Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Anupamaa's second marriage will also be ruined, and another woman will enter Anuj's life!

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: In the TV show 'Anupamaa', once again there is going to be a problem in Anupamaa's married life. Maya is slowly making a place in Anuj Kapadia's heart.

The popular Indian television show 'Anupamaa' is currently going through some interesting twists and turns, which have captivated audiences. The show's lead, Anupamaa, finds herself in a difficult position as her importance in the lives of those around her seems to be diminishing. While the Shah family appreciates her care and work for their sick son Toshu, Anupamaa fears that Anuj's heart may be leaning toward his new wife Maya.

In a recent episode, Anupamaa manages the entire household efficiently and even checks up on Anuj's home. However, this does not sit well with Baa, who feels threatened by Anupamaa's presence. Kavya also confides in Anupamaa about her career concerns, and Anupamaa encourages her to focus on her goals. Anupamaa reminds everyone at the dinner table that women should be working and the Shah family should embrace this.

Baa taunts Anupamaa!

Despite Baa's orders not to visit the Kapadia house, Anupamaa decides to go and spend time with her daughter. When Baa taunts her, Anupamaa reminds her that every woman is the heroine of her own story. Later, Anupamaa surprises Maya by joining in on a cake-cutting ceremony and suggesting a picnic.

Anupamaa descended from Maya's heart!

However, Anuj's request for Maya to accompany them on the picnic instead of Anupamaa deeply upsets her. It appears that Anupamaa's fears about losing her place in Anuj's heart are becoming a reality. Overall, the show's current storyline is full of ups and downs for Anupamaa, and viewers are eagerly watching to see how she navigates these challenges.