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Archana Puran Singh's Weight Balance Secrets: Kapil Sharma Reveals Diet

Discover Kapil Sharma's insights on how Archana Puran Singh maintains her weight despite indulging in sweets. Uncover the diet that keeps her in shape and learn her secrets to a balanced lifestyle.

The Kapil Sharma Show, a popular television program, has gained immense popularity for its humorous content and celebrity appearances. In the latest episode, Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, Bhagyashree, and Nushrat Bharucha grace the show, adding to the excitement. This article delves into the episode, highlighting Bhagyashree's praise for Archana Puran Singh's weight loss and Kapil Sharma's comical anecdotes.

Bhagyashree's Admiration for Archana Puran Singh's Weight Loss

In the episode, Bhagyashree takes a moment to appreciate Archana Puran Singh's remarkable weight loss journey. As the show progresses, Kapil Sharma, known for his witty remarks, playfully teases Archana, jokingly comparing her appetite to that of Khali, the famous professional wrestler. However, Bhagyashree counters this jest by commending Archana's dedication to shedding excess weight. Archana proudly shares her accomplishment, stating that she has successfully lost 7 kg. In response, Kapil humorously remarks, "Well, she managed to gain 21 kg too!"

Secrets Behind Archana Puran Singh's Weight Balance

Curiosity piques as Kapil Sharma directs his attention to Nushrat, commenting on her frequent promotional outings with Srinivas. He playfully mentions seeing pictures of Nushrat indulging in outside food and expresses concern about the potential impact on her weight and future film opportunities. Nushrat confidently reassures Kapil, revealing her disciplined routine of waking up at 6 am and diligently hitting the gym. Intriguingly, Kapil mentions that Archana follows a similar strategy to balance her weight. Whenever Archana feels she has gained some weight, she humorously attributes it to the excessive consumption of sweets. To compensate, she amusingly devours 1.5 kg of snacks the next day, leaving everyone in fits of laughter.

The Playful Banter and Celebrity Antics on 'The Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma Show has earned tremendous fame and airs weekly on Sony Entertainment Television, captivating audiences every Saturday and Sunday night. This highly entertaining show has become a go-to platform for celebrities, where they can unwind and enjoy humorous conversations with the affable host, Kapil Sharma.

'The Kapil Sharma Show' continues to reign as the most sought-after comedy program on television. With its hilarious banter, celebrity appearances, and comical anecdotes, the show offers a delightful experience for viewers. Bhagyashree's praise for Archana Puran Singh's weight loss and Kapil Sharma's playful interactions with the guests provide moments of laughter and entertainment. Tune in to 'The Kapil Sharma Show' for a laughter-filled weekend, as it guarantees a fantastic time for all.