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Bangladesh eagerly awaits release of Shah Rukh Khan's blockbuster film 'Pathaan

After much anticipation, Shah Rukh Khan's megahit movie "Pathaan" will finally be released in Bangladesh

The hugely popular film "Pathaan," which will debut in Bangladesh on May 12, has received a resounding reception from fans. 

After much anticipation, Shah Rukh Khan's megahit movie "Pathaan" will finally be released in Bangladesh on May 12. Fans in Bangladesh are very excited about this news, and various movie theatres all around the nation have already started selling tickets for the movie. 

Positive Hopes: 
Pathaan shattered all box office records in India, and it is anticipated that Bangladesh would see similar success upon release. In order to make it simpler to determine how many tickets have been sold, an electronic ticketing system has been implemented for the film's release at 38 theatres across Bangladesh. There is a tremendous amount of excitement surrounding the Bollywood picture, as seen by the reports that some of the show tickets have already been sold out.

What’s Special? 
Since earning its independence in 1972, Bangladesh has prohibited Bollywood films from playing in its theatres in an effort to support the domestic film industry. Salman Khan's film "Wanted" was released in 2009 despite the decision being relaxed, which sparked complaints from a local film industry organization. 

Because it is the first Hindi movie to be shown in Bangladesh since 1971, "Pathaan" will go down in history. This news is thrilling for SRK fans in Bangladesh who have been impatiently awaiting the movie's release. 'Pathaan' is anticipated to have a similar success in Bangladesh as it did in India, where it had a tremendous amount of box office success, and became a landmark Hindi film. 

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham feature in the Sidharth Anand-directed film, which has over Rs 1050 crore in box office receipts globally. 'Pathaan' is expected to open a new chapter in Bollywood's success story with its debut in Bangladesh.