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Bigg Boss 16: Happiness will be doubled in the weekend episode, contestants' family members are going to enter the house

Bigg Boss 16: The entry of the family members of the contestants is about to take place in the Bigg Boss house. This is a much-awaited episode, in which the fans see the contestants meeting their family members.

In the country's most popular reality show Bigg Boss season 16, many changes keep happening. Fans like the activity of the contestants of the show. Recently it was seen that in the recent episode of the show, the nomination task took place and only Sajid was nominated from the group. Shiv saves Nimirat from nomination. At the same time, in the captaincy task, Abdu has become the new captain of the house.

Later, there was a fierce fight between MC Stan and Archana, where both had a heated argument and MC said such things which probably should not be said.

Now it is being told that there will be a family week in the show during the weekend. When Tina - Shalin's mother, Archana's brother, Mc Stan - Shiva's mother, Sumbul's elder father, and Nimrit's father will enter the house.


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He will interact with the housemates and tell them how they are performing. The family episode is one of the most awaited shows and the fans are waiting to see the contestants meeting their families after so many days. Well, it will be interesting to see how the family reacts and how they will move forward.

Tina had to steal chocolate
In the last episode, Tina steals chocolates from the garden area and brings them to Priyanka, Sreejita, and Shaleen. She is about to eat chocolate when Big Boss's voice comes and he says Tina, put back the chocolate you had stolen.

Tina tells Priyanka to keep the chocolates in the guard area, after which Bigg Boss's voice comes again and he angrily tells Tina that if she had stolen the chocolates, then she should keep them.