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Is Rakhi Sawant going to be a mother? said- 'Despite being a single mother, I will love Adil

Rakhi Sawant Marriage: Recently, actress Rakhi Sawant revealed her marriage with Adil Khan Durrani. Along with this, she has also given hints regarding pregnancy.

'Bigg Boss' fame Rakhi Sawant always makes her place in the headlines for one reason or the other. Recently, she surprised everyone by revealing her second marriage. Rakhi claimed that she married her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani 7 months ago. Also, this marriage has also been made legal. However, now Adil is denying this marriage and Rakhi has said something, due to which people have started speculating that maybe she is pregnant.

Is Rakhi Sawant pregnant?
Actually, Rakhi Sawant talked about pregnancy and being a single mother in the latest interview. The actress said in a conversation with Navbharat Times, “I am very happy with my marriage with Adil. I don't know why he is denying it. I am shocked by his refusal. I was asking him for 7 months to tell the truth about this marriage in front of the world. I am a celebrity and things related to my life cannot be hidden. Maybe I get pregnant or whatever happens."

Said this about being a single mother
Not only pregnancy, but Rakhi Sawant has also talked about single parenting. The actress flatly refused to say anything further regarding the pregnancy. She said that she does not want to say anything about this right now. The actress said, “Disclosing the marriage had become very important. Had this not come in front of the people, there would have been a lot of trouble." Rakhi told that she is very scared, due to which her health is also being affected. Rakhi also said that even if she becomes a singer mother, she will continue to love Adil till her last breath.