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Kapil Sharma's Birthday: getting up... falling and standing up once again... not easy being kapil sharma

Stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma, who won season 3 of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in the year 2007, made a place in the hearts of people with his jokes and characters. The wheel of time turned and it happened that Kapil became popular in every household.

Kapil Sharma is one of the most famous comedians in India, known for his impeccable comic timing and ability to make people laugh. His journey to stardom is an inspiring one, full of struggles, but he never gave up and always kept going.

This is how the beginning of becoming a comedian

Kapil's journey began when he moved to Mumbai in 2007, with dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian. He participated in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and won season 3, which opened doors for him. He got a job in Comedy Circus on TV, where he continued to entertain people with his jokes and characters.


There was a dispute with Sunil Grover

But it was his show Comedy Nights with Kapil that made him a household name. Celebrities started coming on his show the promotion of their films, and his popularity skyrocketed. However, things took a turn for the worse when Kapil got into a fight with Sunil Grover during the Australia tour in 2017. Sunil and Ali Asgar never returned to the show, and Kapil got addicted to alcohol.


Shah Rukh extended a helping hand

During this dark phase, Kapil was helped by none other than Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Ginni Chatrath. Shah Rukh took him on a long drive and listened to his woes, which had a profound impact on Kapil. He was able to overcome his depression and get his life back on track.

Kapil's journey shows us that success is not easy to achieve, and there are always obstacles in the way. But with hard work, determination, and the support of loved ones, one can achieve anything one set their mind to. Kapil's story is an inspiration to millions of people who are struggling to achieve their dreams, and it reminds us that no matter how tough life gets, we should never give up.