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Little Anu reveals the truth to Anuj and Pakhi breaks Maya-Barkha's trap in the latest Anupamaa episode

In today's episode of 'Anupamaa', Pakhi's unexpected action will leave Barkha, Maya, and Vanraj in shock. Read on for all the details of this exciting twist!

In the latest episode of the popular Star Plus show 'Anupamaa,' there were many shocking revelations and unexpected twists. Chhoti Anu finally revealed the truth to Anuj about the reason behind Anupamaa's decision to let her go with Maya. Meanwhile, Dimpy and Samar's relationship hit a rough patch, and Vanraj, Barkha, and Maya were left upset by Pakhi's actions.

Chhoti Anu Tells All to Anuj

In the episode, Chhoti Anu disclosed to Anuj that Anupamaa loves her very much and that she only let her go with Maya to make her happy. Anuj was shocked to hear this and finally realized the truth behind Anupamaa's actions. He also learned that Chhoti Anu was the one who asked Anupamaa to let her go with Maya and not the other way around.

Chhoti Anu further revealed that Anupamaa used to love her the most and that Maya doesn't love her as much. She wanted to split her time between Maya and Anuj, so both could be happy. However, things didn't go as planned, and Anupamaa and Anuj ended up being separated. Anuj was heartbroken to hear this and realized that he needed both of his parents in his life.

Dimpy and Samar's Marriage Troubles

Meanwhile, Dimpy and Samar's relationship faced some obstacles when Dimpy refused to marry Samar until after the divorce was finalized. Samar assured her that he would marry her and stay away from the family, but Dimpy was not happy about this. She felt that Samar was asking for separation, but everyone would think that she was separating him from his family. She also believed that no matter how much she tried to adjust to his family, Anuj would always take his mother's side.

Samar got angry when he heard this and blamed Anuj for not taking his responsibility. She also accused Anupamaa of playing the victim card. When Dimpy tried to defend Anuj, Samar threatened not to marry her. In the end, Dimpy broke off the marriage and demanded that Anuj be invited to her wedding.

Vanraj, Barkha, and Maya's Reactions to Pakhi's Actions

When the Shah family learned that Pakhi had gone to Mumbai to meet Anuj, everyone was shocked. Vanraj and Barkha were upset, and Maya was distraught when she saw Pakhi in her house. In the Kapadia house, Adhik and Barkha were worried that Pakhi might reveal everything to Anuj. Ankush was happy about this and said that he would push Anuj out when he came.

In the upcoming episode, Pakhi puts the phone on speaker and tells Anupamaa that she has come to Anuj. It remains to be seen whether this will unite Anuj and Anupamaa or not.


'Anupamaa' continues to be one of the most-watched TV shows in India, and the latest episode had many unexpected twists and turns. Chhoti Anu finally revealed the truth to Anuj, and Dimpy and Samar's relationship hit a rough patch. Meanwhile, Pakhi's actions upset Vanraj, Barkha, and Maya, and it remains to be seen how things will unfold in the upcoming episodes.