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Rakhi Sawant fainted on the road, the actress was trolled badly for not leaving her mobile

Rakhi Sawant Troll: 'Bigg Boss' fame actress Rakhi Sawant recently filed a police case against her husband Adil Khan Durrani. After this, she suddenly fainted on the road.

Rakhi Sawant, a well-known Bollywood actress, has once again found herself at the center of attention due to her ongoing drama in her personal life. Rakhi has a history of making headlines for various reasons, including marriage, divorce, and police cases. In the latest development, Rakhi filed a police case against her husband, Adil Khan Durrani, accusing him of assault. The case has resulted in Adil being taken into police custody.

Recently, Rakhi was speaking to the media about the case when she suddenly fainted. Surrounded by reporters, Rakhi was expressing her belief that Adil has wronged many girls and should be punished. While speaking, she lost consciousness and fell to the ground. People nearby immediately came to her aid, sprinkled water on her face, and gave her water to help her regain consciousness. She was then made to sit in a car and taken home. The incident was captured on video and has been widely shared on social media.

People on social media have been quick to criticize Rakhi, with many making fun of the fact that she did not let go of her phone even when unconscious. Some users have even called the incident a "complete gimmick" and a "high voltage drama."

Rakhi Sawant got trolled for this reason

In her police complaint, Rakhi accused Adil of assault and claimed that before he was taken into custody, he had come to her house with the intention to kill her. This is not the first time Rakhi has made such accusations against Adil, as she has previously accused him of cheating as well.


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Rakhi Sawant accuses Adil

In conclusion, the drama in Rakhi Sawant's personal life continues to dominate the headlines, with the latest incident being her fainting spell while speaking to the media and her ongoing police case against her husband.