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Rhea Chakraborty takes action against Roadies leader Prince Narula for inappropriate behavior

The buzz around Rhea Chakraborty's entry as a leader on Roadies has taken over social media. Recent reports suggest that the actress had a heated argument with fellow Roadie leader, Prince Narula. Read on to know more.

According to the most recent rumors in the entertainment business, co-judge Rhea Chakraborty was allegedly threatened by Prince Narula, one of the judges on MTV Roadies Season 19. Following reports that Prince and Gautam Gulati were reluctant to work with Rhea, this horrific occurrence came to light.

This well-liked reality series MTV Roadies season has four judges: Prince Narula, Gautam Gulati, Rhea Chakraborty, and Sonu Sood. Being Rhea Chakraborty's first public appearance since the unexpected passing of her partner, Sushant Singh Rajput, this season of Roadies is highly significant.

According to rumors, Prince Narula and Gautam Gulati, and Rhea Chakraborty got into a furious quarrel when the show was being filmed. The shoot was stopped after Rhea complained to the crew about Prince's behavior, who had apparently been disrespectful towards Rhea, while Gautam maintained his composure and composure.

Aftermath according to rumors:
Rhea Chakraborty received Prince Narula's apology following the incident, but she rejected it. Gautam and Rhea allegedly refused to work with Prince after this.


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The tryouts for this season of Roadies have already started, and after four cities—Pune, New Delhi, Indore, and Chandigarh—the show has published a fresh commercial with Sonu Sood and the gang leaders. The theme for this season is "Karm Ya Kaand," and the promo depicts the host and gang leaders prepared to fight with all of their might and war abilities.

It's crucial to remember that accusations of harassment and threats should be taken seriously, and following an investigation, the proper action should be taken. We wish for a speedy resolution of the matter so that the professional and courteous working relationship between all parties can continue.