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Sister-in-law Barkha will make Anupamaa aware of Maya's handiwork

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: A lot of explosions will be seen in the upcoming episodes of the TV show 'Anupamaa'. While Anupamaa's Samdhan will create havoc in the Shah family, Maya will hatch a new conspiracy in the Kapadia house.

The popular Star Plus show 'Anupamaa' has taken a new turn with the recent development in the story. Paritosh, also known as Toshu, the most pampered son in the Shah family, has been paralyzed and Anupamaa is leaving no stone unturned to take care of him. Despite ignoring Anuj and the younger Anu, Anupamaa is still a loving and caring mother to her son.

In the coming episodes, viewers will see that Toshu recovers and returns to the Shah family. The entire family, including Anupamaa, gives him a warm welcome and this emotional moment makes Toshu very emotional. Despite being brave in front of her son, Anupamaa breaks down as soon as he leaves her sight.

Baa, who has always taunted Anupamaa in the past, finally supports her daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Maya is trying to take Anupamaa's place in the Kapadia house, but Barkha is furious with her antics. Anuj, on the other hand, takes Maya's side and supports her in front of Barkha.

Maya will be surprised to see Anupamaa in Kapadia's house

As soon as Toshu returns to the Shah house with his family, Anupamaa goes to her husband Anuj's house. Maya is shocked to see Anupamaa back in the Kapadia house and younger Anu happily hugs her. Anupamaa thanks Maya for taking care of the house while she was away, but Barkha taunts Maya by suggesting that she took care of both the house and the husband.


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Rakhi Dave will make a new revelation in the Shah family

Rakhi Dave, Anupamaa's Samdhan, is about to reveal something in the Shah family that will shock everyone. She says that what she is about to say will cause pain to everyone, but it is necessary. Kinjal is also surprised to see the condition of her husband, Toshu.

In conclusion, the upcoming episodes of 'Anupamaa' are filled with emotional moments and twists that will keep the audience hooked.