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The security guard did such an act with the fans, Shehnaaz Gill got angry on seeing this; Video Viral

Shehnaaz Gill's latest video is rocking social media. In this video, the actress is seen shouting at the security guard.

Shehnaaz Gill, who gained fame after her appearance on the reality TV show Bigg Boss 13, has been going through a significant transformation in her style and mannerisms. Despite these changes, one thing that remains unchanged in Shehnaaz is her innocence, which has won the hearts of many fans. Recently, a video of Shehnaaz went viral on social media, where she was seen giving a lesson to a security guard who was trying to stop fans from taking photos with her.

Shehnaaz is surrounded by fans

In the video, Shehnaaz can be seen surrounded by fans as she steps out of a hotel lift. She happily poses for photos with her fans, but the security guards on duty start pushing the fans away. This agitates Shehnaaz, and she confronts the security guard, asking him why he is panicking and preventing fans from clicking photos with her. She reminds him that fans who love her should be allowed to click photos with her.

The video shows Shehnaaz wearing an orange dress with a coat and a hair bun. Her round earrings complement her look, giving her a glamorous appearance.

Shehnaaz's fans love her innocence and down-to-earth nature, and this incident only proves her love for her fans. The video has gone viral on social media, and fans have praised Shehnaaz for standing up for them and not letting her fame change her personality.

In conclusion, Shehnaaz Gill's recent incident with a security guard shows her dedication and love for her fans. Her transformation in style and mannerisms has not affected her innocence and down-to-earth nature, which has won the hearts of many fans.