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TMKOC: Bagha lost his mind in Bawri's sorrow, threatened to jump from the balcony

One of the longest TV shows 'Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah' may have replaced many stars, but the show is still successful in wooing the audience. These days it is being shown in the show that 'Bagha', who works in Jethalal's shop, is drowned in sorrow like a heartbroken lover. Bagha is heartbroken after his fiancee Bawri breaks his heart.

Bawri breaks up with Bagha
It so happened that when Bagha received a new phone from Jethalal as a gift, he immediately got ready and went to meet his Bawri. He waited a long time for his Bawri by taking flowers in the garden. However, Bagha receives a breakup message from Bawri and gets emotional after reading it. His heart breaks. He comes back to Jethalal and tells everyone the story of his heartbreak and starts crying bitterly.


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Bagha threatened to jump from the balcony
Not only this, but later Bagha goes to Bewafa Bar and celebrates his sorrow by drinking alcohol. Others including Jethalal, Taarak Mehta, Krishnan Iyer, and Atmaram Bhide bring Bagha from the bar to Gokuldham, where Sudh Budh Khoye Bagha creates a lot of ruckuses. Not only this, he stands on the balcony and narrates the pain of his heartbreak. Hearing Bagha's voice, other women including Babita also come and ask him to get down. However, Bagha is not ready to listen to anyone. Bagha threatens that if anyone comes up, he will jump from there.

Seeing this condition of Bagha, Babita, Sodhi's wife, Tarak Mehta's wife, and Bhide's wife start cursing Bawri. However, Bagha gets furious after hearing the evil of his Bawari and says that no one will say anything to his Bawari.