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Uorfi Javed's New Dress: Uorfi Javed made an amazing dress from a dustbin bag

Uorfi Javed's New Dress: Social media sensation Uorfi Javed has once again worked the magic of her unique outfit. This time she was seen in a dress made of dustbin bags. Watch video.

There was a time when Uorfi Javed, who came from the city of Nawabs, came to Mayanagari Mumbai with the dream of becoming an actress. Uorfi Javed played her fashion game after several attempts to make a name for herself in the acting world and she became a social media sensation in no time. Uorfi Javed has made a dress of such things, about which no one can even think. Recently, once again the actress upped her fashion game, and this time she slayed it.

Uorfi Javed made dress from dustbin bag
Uorfi Javed has made a dress from many things including a cycle chain, peacock feathers, a mobile phone, a SIM card, and pieces of glass. This time she has made a dustbin bag dress. She has shared a video of herself on her Instagram account, in which the actress can be seen wearing a black dustbin bag dress. She made two types of dresses from dustbin bags. She has also worn this type of dress in 'Bigg Boss OTT'.

Uorfi Javed repeats the outfit

Uorfi Javed shared a video wearing a dustbin bag dress, on which it was written, “When I was in Bigg Boss, I made a dustbin bag dress. Let's repeat history, but in a better way." The actress captioned the post, "I can literally wear this on the red carpet too, not kidding. Inspired by Komal Pandey (video creator), I made the original dustbin bag outfit in Bigg Boss.


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Trollers also praised

Uorfi Javed often gets criticized for her dresses. People troll her fiercely, but this time it is the opposite. Trollers have also liked this dress of the actress. Those who used to make fun of her dressing sense are now praising her. One user said, "Awesome." One said, "Gorgeous." Another said, "High level of creativity." One said, "Only Uorfi can do this."