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2nd April 2024 Anupama Full Episode

A tremendous twist is going to be seen in the upcoming episodes of Anupama. It will be seen in the upcoming episodes of the show that Vanraj is going to create a big drama for his family.

2nd April 2024 Anupama Full Episode

A lot of drama is currently being seen in the popular TV serial Anupama. Many new characters have been entered to take the story of the show forward. Somewhere a new love is being entered into Anupama's life and somewhere a new person has entered the life of Anupama's daughter Pakhi. Now there is going to be a big explosion in the upcoming episode.

Tremendous twists are going to come in the upcoming episodes of Anupama. It will be seen in the upcoming episodes of the show that Vanraj is going to create a big drama for his family. Till now it has been seen that Toshu has not returned the money taken from the goons, hence the entire family is living under the shadow of fear. But now Vanraj is going to try to end this fear.

Aarush will fight with Vanraj

But like always, instead of solving this problem, Vanraj will bring a new problem upon himself. On the other hand, it will be seen in the show that Pakhi has found her new love Aarush in America who is a green card holder. In such a situation, she has started dreaming of marriage with him. Pakhi feels that she will secure her future by marrying Aarush. But Aarush's intentions are not right. While Pakhi has fallen in love with Aarush, Aarush is just playing games with her.

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Who will Pakhi choose between father and boyfriend?

Pakhi is thinking that after marrying Aarush, she will shift to America and she will also get citizenship here. Pakhi is not aware of Aarush's evil intentions but Vanraj doubts Aarush and will go straight to him and ask him to stay away from Pakhi. In such a situation, an argument will start between the two. Here Pakhi is stuck between her boyfriend and father. Now it will be very interesting to see whose support Pakhi will take.


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Anuj and Shruti will marry soon in the Anupama Serial. But Anuj is still confused about Anupama's love. On the other hand, Vanraj wants to sell the house. Vanraj needs Anupama's signature to sell the house. Vanraj Shah sits with the children, father, and Anupama. Bapuji says that Anupama also wants her share. Vanraj says that Anupama neither has any right to that house nor the money received from it. Anupama is now the wife of Anuj Kapadia.

Anupama Denamd

Vanraj will ask Anupama to sign these papers quietly and end the matter. Anupama will refuse to sign. Vanraj will get angry. Anupama will put a condition in front of Vanraj that Ba and Bapuji should have the biggest share in the property money. Dimple should also get her share. Only then will I sign this paper. Pakhi will speak ill of Dimple. Dimpy can take part in Samar.

Dimple will also keep the condition

Pakhi might be talking to Toshu that action should be taken so that Vanraj does not give a share to Dimple. Dimpy will listen to Toshu and Pakhi. She will be ready to give up her share. She will say that she does not want any part. I am ready to leave everything but I just want my son Ansh. Vanraj will be stunned after hearing this condition.


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Aadhya will advise Anuj

At Kinjal's house, Dimpy will tell that Anupama has been selected for the cooking competition. Everyone will be happy but Vanraj will say that you will be a part of the international show, you also know the spelling of international, and Vanraj will demotivate Anupama. But Anupama will not lose her confidence. He is ready to show his skills to the world. At the same time, Anuj explains to his daughter Aadhya that she should forgive her mother Anupama. Aadhya will say that I hate the Shah family. You focus on your marriage.

Vanraj will taunt Anupama if she gets selected for the show

Let us tell you that another twist is going to come in the show. It will be seen that Anupama will go to audition for a cooking competition. Where 3 judges will question him. But Anupama does not know English so she will not be able to impress the judges. In such a situation, will Anupama be thrown out of the show? This will be known in the episode soon.