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30th April 2024 Anupama full episode

A lot of family drama will be seen in Star Plus' popular serial Anupama these days. In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Anupama gets a second chance to go to the reality show, after which Anupama becomes very happy.

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30th April 2024 Anupama full episode

A lot of family drama is being seen these days in Star Plus' popular serial Anupama. In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that the nurse has gone out after taking a break, during which Shruti will feel thirsty and will call out to the nurse. If the nurse does not come, she will try to get water herself. In such a situation Shruti will fall. Aadhya will get upset after giving all this and Aadhya will have a panic attack. Anupama will run and first take care of Shruti and then Aadhya. Anuj will call. She will not tell Anuj anything about this so that Anuj does not get upset.

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30th April 2024 Anupama episode

Yashdeep will call Anupama. Hearing Yashdeep's voice, Anupama will ask what's the matter. Yashdeep will say that whatever the matter is, he will be able to do it by meeting them. Yashdeep will tell Anupama that he has got another chance in Superstar Chef. Yashdeep will tell her that your wild card will be against you after the Indians protest. Yashdeep would like to express his feelings to Anupama but he will not have the courage to see Anupama happy.

Anuj and Anupama together

Anupama upcoming story

Everyone in Shah Niwas would be preparing for Titu's wedding. Bapuji will ask Vanraj if he needs to buy gold things for both of them and then Vanraj will say yes. Bapuji will understand that something or the other is going on in Vanraj's mind. On the other hand, Anupama will be very happy to get a second chance in the reality show. Anuj might be secretly watching Anupama, but he would not understand what makes Anupama happy. Anupama will say that she has got great happiness. Anuj will get confused after listening to Anupama.

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Aadhya will become the enemy

Aadhya wants to spoil every happiness of her mother. When Aadhya comes to know that Anupama has got another chance in the show, Aadhya does not want her mother to win the competition. Aadhya will tear Anupama's diary in which Anupama has written about her recipe.

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