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Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra Saanware Song Released

Bigg Boss 17's romantic song Saanware featuring Mannara Chopra and Abhishek Kumar has been released after a long wait. Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra are looking very cute in the song.

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Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra Saanware Song Released

The reality TV show Bigg Boss 17 starring Salman Khan which was recently aired has come to an end. Abhishek Kumar and Manara Chopra had emerged as finalists in this show. In this state, after the end of the program, Abhishek and Manara will again be seen together.

Abhishek Kumar and Manara Chopra are in the news currently as their first song is published. In the meantime, the latest information on 1st look poster, release date, and teaser of their upcoming song is becoming viral on social media.

When is the first song of Abhishek and Mannara expected to be out?

Fankidas are all set to conquer the world of music after Bigg Boss 17. Their favorite duo- Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra. After leaving the show they took some pictures while shooting for their upcoming song and these pictures went viral on social media.

Now Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra have presented the first glimpse of the first song 'Saaware' through the first look poster on their respective official Instagram handles. In this poster, you can see that Mannara Chopra is seen in Abhishek's arms. With this post also we have shared that teaser of this song will be out on the 9th of February. The full track will come out on February 12. He made his fans' faces blossom with happiness with this announcement and are waiting for the release date of the dark song.

Saanware song released

Bigg Boss 17 winner Abhishek Kumar

Even though Munawar Faruqui won Bigg Boss Season 17, Abhishek Kumar gave him a tough challenge being the runner-up. But Mannara Chopra was the second runner-up of this very show. However, now after the competition, both are willing to pursue their career through music videos.

Mannara Chopra and Abhishek Kumar emerged as good friends in Bigg Boss 17. Despite seeing a lot of ups and downs, their bonding remained till the end of the show. At the same time, now both of them are also connected professionally.

How is Mannara-Abhishek's song Saanware?

Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra's song Saaware has been composed by Anshul Garg. Whereas, the voice has been given by singer Akhil Sachdev. He has also composed the lyrics as well. The song was composed by Akhil Sachdev and Karthik Dev. Saaware Ke is a romantic song depicting the story of a small love affair between Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra.

You will forget 'Munara' after seeing the chemistry.

Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra's romance in Saanware is tremendous. After watching the song, fans will forget Munara (Munawar Faruqui and Mannara Chopra) and will only remember Abhinara (Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra). Watch the Full Music video here...

Abhishek dominates Bigg Boss

Talking about Abhishek Kumar's journey in Bigg Boss 17, his game was liked a lot in the show. In the beginning, Abhishek looked very angry in the show, but gradually his fun was seen, which the audience liked a lot. Even after the slapping scandal of Samarth Jurel, he was given entry into Bigg Boss 17 on the demand of fans. After this, Abhishek Kumar will go straight to the finale.

Mannara gave a shock

Mannara Chopra has been such a contestant of Bigg Boss 17, that no one expected that she would reach the finale. She had even left behind big TV actresses like Ankita Lokhande. Mannara had made it to the top 3 of Bigg Boss 17. Whereas, Abhishek Kumar was second, while Munawar Faruqui became the winner.

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Mannara and Abhishek’s chemistry in Saanware — how did you find it?

This track's release date is perfect then! Valentine's Day coming and love abounds, expect Saanware to be on your playlist this week. Not even the safest net citizens can resist the track and their chemistry. In the comment section below, one fan shared, “Next level Jodi Abhishek, mannara”, whereas another wrote: Abhishek Kumar x Mannara Chopra x Akhil Sachdeva= blockbuster music.” One more comment read: “Not only the song is very soothing but the music video was fantastic!! “Great Acting from Mannara and Abhishek”, another netizen says, “Whoah! they have amazing chemistry and beautiful songs Love you both Mannara and Abhishek.


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