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Is Abhishek Malhan Going to Participate in Bigg Boss 18

Recently, Bigg Boss 17 ended, after which the makers have now started searching for contestants for the 18th season.

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Is Abhishek Malhan Going to Participate in Bigg Boss 18

Fans always wait for the new season of the popular show 'Bigg Boss'. Despite all the controversies arising from this show, it remains a favorite of the fans. 'Bigg Boss 17' ended in January, after which preparations for the 18th season have started. Makers have started looking for those contestants who have a good grip on social media. Many people have been approached in this regard.

A search for contestants started for 'Bigg Boss 18'

For some time now, social media influencers have been given a lot of attention for 'Bigg Boss'. Apart from 'Bigg Boss 17', more than half of the influencers were involved in 'Bigg Boss OTT 2'. At the same time, there is intense discussion about some names as to who will be included in the 18th season.

After Pooja Sharma, this contestant was approached!

A name for 'Bigg Boss 18' is said to be almost confirmed. This is the name of transgender Pooja Sharma Rekha, who is known for dancing in the local train and dressing up like actress Rekha. At the same time, now speculations are being made about the name of another contestant and the name of an ex-contestant of 'Bigg Boss'. This is the name of YouTuber Abhishek Malhan, who has left fans in confusion by sharing a video.

Abhishek Malhan placed this condition

Abhishek Malhan has been the first runner-up of 'Bigg Boss OTT 2'. However, that was a show coming on OTT, and 'Bigg Boss 18' will be telecasted on TV. Amidst the hunt for contestants for Bigg Boss 18, Abhishek Malhan shared a video while partying, on which it was written 'If Salman Khan comments on this video, I will join Bigg Boss 18'.

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Fans enjoyed the post

Along with the video, the caption is also funny. Tagging Salman Khan, Abhishek wrote, 'If you get time before Ambani ji's wedding, do write Hello.' Fans are laughing at this post. One wrote, 'Had to change the name bro. Do you know that Salman does not get along with Abhishek? One commented, the way of refusing for 'Bigg Boss 18' is a bit casual.

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