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Adrian Schiller dies at the age of 60

Actor Adrian Schiller, who played the role of Athelhelm in the Netflix series 'The Last Kingdom', is no more. Schiller is also known for his role in the series 'Victoria'.

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Adrian Schiller dies at the age of 60

'The Last Kingdom' series actor Adrian Schiller has passed away. Adrian died at the age of 60. Adrian played the role of Athelhelm in the popular Netflix series 'The Last Kingdom'. In a statement, agent Amanda Evans confirmed the actor's death. The statement said, 'He left this world too soon. We, his family and close friends are deeply saddened by his sudden demise.

The actor had returned from Sydney

Apart from this, the statement said, 'Talented actor Adrian had recently returned from Sydney. He was scheduled to continue the international tour in San Francisco. Adrian has had a very successful career. He played many different characters. Our deepest condolences to his family. Please respect the privacy of his family in this difficult time of grief.

Adrian Schiller death cause

Adrian Schiller series

Schiller is also known for his role as Mr. Prange in the series 'Victoria'. He also gained popularity for providing the voice of Otho in the HBO Max series 'Raised by Wolves' directed by Ridley Scott. Apart from this, he also appeared in many films.

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Adrian was also associated with theater

Adrian also starred in the 2017 live-action reimagining of 'Beauty and the Beast'. 'Bright Star' and 'The Danish Girl' are also on this list. Adrian Schiller was also associated with theatre. He acted in the play 'The White Factory'.

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