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Anupama 14th January 2024 DailyMotion

These days Anuj is anxious to meet Anupama in the show. Anuj thinks that Joshiben is Anupama. Kinjal and Toshu are also in America.

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Anupama 14th January 2024 DailyMotion

Anupama is a popular show on TV. Fans shower a lot of love on the serial. These days Anupama is in America in the show. Here she is earning her living by working in a restaurant. Anuj is also in America. It was shown in the show that younger Anu came to know that Anupama was in America. And she is trying her best to ensure that Anuj does not know about this. Whereas Anuj saw Anupama from a distance. After which he is anxious to meet Anupama.

Anuj in search of Anupama

Anuj thinks that Joshiben is Anupama. That's why he goes to the restaurant to meet Anupama. But Anupama is not found in the restaurant. She is enjoying the snowfall. When younger Anu learns that Anuj has gone to meet Joshiben, she becomes very nervous. Shruti will handle it somehow. Now in the coming days, it has to be seen how Anupama and Anuj meet.

Toshu-Kinjal in America

Anupama's son Toshu and daughter-in-law Kinjal had shifted to the UK for work. But now both of them are in America. Anupama also sees Toshu and Pari. However, Toshu ignores Anupama. Now in the latest episode it was shown that Kinjal asks Toshu to find some kind of work. Life will not be possible with such small tasks. She can't manage the house alone.

Meanwhile, Kinjal says that the coaching classes held in the UK could not run. That's why he came to America because something good would happen here. But here also the situation is not good. Kinjal also asks Toshu about going back to India. However, Toshu flatly refuses. He says that he will do anything to stay in America but will not go back to India.

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