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Anupama 18th March 2024 written episode

Many ups and downs are being seen in Anupama's life these days. Meanwhile, Anupama will get Anuj and Shruti's wedding card. Anupama will be surprised to hear the news of marriage.

Anupama 18th March 2024 written episode

These days terrible twists and turns are being seen in Star Plus's popular serial Anupama. The audience likes this latest story of the show a lot. In such a situation, Anupama remains at number 1 in the TRP list. Let us know what drama will be seen in the upcoming episodes.

Will Anuj and Anupama's story end?

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Shruti and Anuj will go to Anupama to give her their wedding card. Shruti and Anuj go to the cafe and tell Anupama about this. Yashdeep and the entire staff plan a surprise party for Anu. Anupama is dancing with all the staff when Anuj and Shruti come. Shruti hugs Anupama and gives her a wedding card, Anupama is surprised that both of them are finally getting married.


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Vanraj will stay in America

Vanraj gets a call after which he is told that he has to stay in America for a year. In such a situation, he decides to live in America. After this, Vanraj tells Baa to bring Ansh and Ishani to America for studies. Baa tells Vanraj that it is summer holidays so let's call the whole family to America. Vanraj agrees to this.

Anuj will take back the case

Anuj will go to a cafe to meet Anupama. He will tell Anupama that he will talk to Mr. Zaveri to take back the case, everyone knows that you have not committed theft, and you will get a clean chit. Toshu will get a chance to improve. Anupama will forbid Anuj from doing this.


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In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Yashdeep has planned a birthday party for Anupama. Anupama celebrates her birthday with her boss Yashdeep. Anupama gets a shock on her birthday.

Anuj also loves Anupama

Even though Anuj has said yes to marrying Shruti, Anuj still has Anupama in his heart. Before Anupama's birthday, Anuj dreams that he has gone to meet Anupama with a cake. Both dance together. Suddenly Anuj's eyes open and then he realizes that it is just a dream.

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Toshu will be sent to jail

In the latest track of the Anupama serial, Anupama had to go to jail because of Toshu, Anupama decided to send her son to jail while protecting her honor. Anupama wants that Toshu should be punished. Baa and Vanraj are against the decision of Anupama. But Anuj and Yashdeep will support him.