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Anupama 28th Feb 2024 Spoiler Alert

These days, there is a competition between Anuj and Anupama in Star Plus's popular serial Anupama. On one hand, Anupama is moving forward, while on the other hand, Anuj is unable to forget Anupama and move ahead. Now Toshu is trying to create sourness in their relationship.

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Anupama 28th Feb 2024 Spoiler Alert

Anupama and Yashdeep's love story may start in the TV serial Anupama. Will be protective and support Anupama during Yashdeep's time. Anuj will be very jealous of this. At the beginning of the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Yashdeep tells Anupama how sorrows and troubles come in everyone's life but everyone has a different way of fighting it.

Toshu will play this trick for his benefit.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that when Anupama prays to God, Yashdeep will say that you should do it because God listens to good people quickly. Anupama's foot slips while walking, and Yashdeep will handle her just like Anuj used to handle Anupama. During this time, Anuj along with Toshu would be standing outside the nearby cafe watching all this. Anuj will get very jealous. The same Toshu will do the work of setting fire to the ghee. When Toshu uses the wrong word for mother, Anuj will tell him in a strict tone that the person you are talking about is your mother.

Anupama spoiler

During the meeting, Anupama first addresses Anuj as Kapadia ji but then corrects herself and calls Anuj Kapadia sir. While leaving, Anuj will shake hands with Anupama, but Anupama will join hands and say Namaste only then Yashdeep will shake hands and handle the situation. While leaving, Anuj says to go carefully as the road is quite slippery. Yashdeep will say that don't worry, I am with him.


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Anuj will call Anupama after drinking alcohol

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Anuj will call Anupama after drinking alcohol. He will tell him that by calling him Mr. Kapadia, you have alienated him in a moment. When Anupama asks to hang up the phone, Anuj will say that he has called for the event. Anupama says that for matters related to the restaurant event, you call my boss.

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