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Anupamaa 18th February 2024 Full Episode

Many twists and turns will be seen in the Anupama serial. In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Anupama will promise Shruti that she will not come into Anuj's life.

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Anupamaa 18th February 2024 Full Episode

Many terrible twists and turns are seen simultaneously in the Anupama serial. A new twist is going to come soon in the story of the show. In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Shruti will go to the restaurant to talk to Anupama. Shruti will try to know from Anupama what she did that made Anuj love her so much.

The cast of Anupamaa Shruti

Anupama will tell Shruti that I was Anuj's yesterday and you are his today. Shruti repeatedly asks Anupama what she did to make Anuj love her so much. Seeing Shruti upset like this, Anupama consoles her and promises her that whatever happens, she will not change her decision. Anupama has decided not to enter Anuj's life, but something else is going on in Anuj's mind.

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Pakhi came between Dimpy and Titu

In Shah House, when Ba-Bapuji asks Dimpy about her wish regarding marriage, then Dimpy tells her that she likes Titu. Pakhi will get angry after hearing this. She will start fighting. Because Pakhi has started liking Titu. Pakhi will threaten Dimpy not to come in her way.

Anupama will not answer Kinjal's question

Anupama tells Kinjal about Anuj's life. Anupama gets emotional and tells Kinjal that Shruti is very nice and she loves Anuj very much. On this Kinjal will ask him whether more than you. Anupama will become silent on this question of Kinjal.


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In the present day, the stories are many that are seen running together in the Anupama serial. However, two points need to be taken into consideration: one is Toshu's truth, and the other is Dimpy's relationship in the Shah House. In the third place, Anupamaa will be seen in an interview setting wherein she keeps on telling Shruti that she and Anuj no longer have any relationship. At the beginning of the new episode, we see that Anupama and Shruti are sitting outside of the restaurant and talking. As Shruti narrated about her broken heart, now it appeared that Anupama (Rupali) was the first to parted from Anuj. Yet, Shruti puts a condition before Anupamaa, to which Anupamaa somewhat disagrees saying that none of the life guarantees.

Toshu becomes a criminal, and defames his mother!

In the next episode of the Anupama serial, we are going to see Toshu sitting in a car and hiding. He has a car and that car should not be of anyone else rather Anuj. If Anuj and Paritosh talk, it will be revealed that Toshu helped a gang of goons commit fraud in the US. And surprisingly it was Anuj's company that was selected for the fraud. However, Anuj knowing that he was Anupama's son, came to the assistance of Toshu and rescued him from the police once again. Besides, Anuj also gives an offer of employment to Toshu in his company. But now, Toshu once again appears as his real nature and tells Anuj to stay away from his mother, because now she is not the Anupama as before, she has become very close to her boss. As Anuj listens to this, he gets mad and tells Toshu to go away.


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Anupamaa Today Episode

'Anupamaa Latest Episode' is set in an environment of nervousness in the Shah house after the issue of Dimpy's relationship is brought up. Then Bapuji and Baa call Dimpy and thus they know what is dwelling in her heart. Dimpy says she likes Tapish. Pakhi listens to it and then she goes to her room and vents her anger on her daughter. When Pakhi speaks, Dimpy appears in the room and interferes with Pakhi. Pakhi got angry and said that she likes Tapish and if Tapish didn't happen to her then she wouldn't let Dimpy have it as well. Now that the storyline of the series will take a turn, what twist will show up in the ensuing episodes remains a mystery.

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