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Ayesha Khan Biography: Bigg Boss 17, age Net Worth and More.

Ayesha Khan is a wild card contestant on Bigg Boss 17 who made headlines not only for being a participant in the reality show, but also for her association with Munawar Faruqui as his ex-girlfriend.

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Ayesha Khan Biography: Bigg Boss 17, age Net Worth and More.

One hot topic Ayesha Khan was scrolling through all around the entertainment world. We will tell you more about her. Or did your curiosity take you to the platforms? We will tell you everything that it will be.

Are you interested in knowing Ayesha Khan’s Bigg Boss 17, Ayesha Khan's age, Ayesha Khan biography as well as various other related aspects? In the show, the conversation begins between her and Munawar’s relationship where Nazila is related to him. Read the below article to catch some more spicy talks. Make sure to also visit DOB & Ayesha Khan Wiki.

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Ayesha Singh Biography

Ayesha Khan is a popular person in the Telugu film industry and has had roles in several music videos as well. Other than her entertainment career, she has also become popular in social media where she connects with many followers. Her stardom peaked when she appeared on the Indian reality show Bigg Boss 17 as a wild card contestant reaching a border audience too.

Ayesha Khan is a person who grew up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, but her origin is in Pakribarawan, Bihar. She started as a model who entered the fashion world, taking part in print shoots for several fashion brands and making appearances on the runway at different fashion events.

Ayesh Khan Nick Name Kehkasha, Daraksha, Ayesha G.
Born on 13th September 2002
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Ayesha Khan Age 21 years (2023)
Profession Model, actor, and dancer
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Marital Status Single
Nationality Indian

RJ Karishma

Ayesha Khan Family

Ayesha Khan belongs to a family that hailed from Pakribarawan, Bihar, but the family shifted its residence to Mumbai, Maharashtra. Shahab Khan is the father of Ayesha Khan. While there is not much information about him widely known. Ayesha Khan is lucky that her father is standing by her side and providing all the necessary encouragement and support needed to pursue an acting career in the entertainment industry. Although the mother of Ayesha Khan is left unnamed, her position as a hardworking homemaker is worth mentioning. She accompanies Ayesha at every step of her day from morning rituals to nighttime meals. Ayesha Khan’s eldest brother is called Shahbaz Khan and he is in the Merchant Navy. He is more than just a brother; he is a friend in her life, in a special place. When she feels lonely or needs someone with whom she can share her problems, she relies on Shahbaz. His presence of support not only makes her feel comforted but also boosts her confidence.

Father's Name Shahab Khan
Actress Ayesha Khan Mother's Name Not Known
Sister's Name Not Known
Ayesha Khan Brother's Name Shahbaz Khan
Cousins Not Known

Ayesha Khan Education

Ayesha Khan never liked education from her childhood, and eventually, she decided not to continue with her studies. 12th class dropout. Right from her school life, Ayesha demonstrated her outgoing nature by engaging in different stage shows. Remarkably, she appeared on stage quite early at the age of 5, marking the first moments of her career in the limelight.

Schooling Not Known
College 12th class
Graduation Not Done

Ayesha Khan Career

Ayesha Khan first carved a niche for herself in modeling by appearing in print and online advertisements for multiple brands and walking on the ramp at numerous fashion shows. Afterward, she moved to the television world and began a new chapter in her profession.

Ayesha khan serials

Ayesha Khan acted as a junior artist in the television series “ Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2” where she played the character of salon staff. This show, where Hina Khan, Erica Fernandes, and Parth Samthaan played the lead roles, showcases her talent in supporting roles.

Ayesha Khan played the character of the antagonist, Birba in the television series “Baalveer Returns” (2019-2021). In this role, she used her acting skills to portray the difficult character of Shinkai Scientist. Ayesha’s character work on Birba was loved and appreciated by a broad audience. “Baalveer Returns’ was broadcast on Sony SAB.

Ayesha Khan Movies

She began her career in the Telugu film industry with her first movie “Mukhachitram” where she acted in the role of Maya Fernandez opposite Vikas Vasishta. The movie will be released on December 9, 2022. She was well-received for her role as Maya Fernandez in the movie and she was highly praised for her acting. 2022 saw her act in the Telugu film Guttu Chappudu.

Ayesha Khan Music Videos

Ayesha Khan has also done many Music videos alongside Serials and Movies. Check out the list:

Music Video Singer Year
Mohabbat Ke Kabil   Salman Ali 2021    
Dil Ne   Kasyap 2022
Reborn Heer Rajvirjawanda 2022
Guitar   Kashyap 2022  
Taveez     Amit Majithia 2022  
Udeekan    Sanam Parowal 2023  

Ayesha Khan Bigg Boss 17

When she came to the Bigg Boss house, she revealed that she was dating Indian comedian and rapper Munawar Faruqui. She claimed Munawar was stringing her along emotionally, saying that he cheated on Nazila Sitaishi by getting involved with her.

Ayesha and Munawar

Becoming a wild card contestant on the show brought her immense popularity, but her motives were far beyond just seeking the limelight. Her main motive for participating was to demand an apology from her former boyfriend, Munawar Faruqui. In addition, she alleged that Munawar Faruqui was on a double date with her and Nazila Sitaishi and this caused a lot of hate aimed at her. She addressed these allegations using the Big Boss platform in hopes of dispelling all negativity and clarifying her relationship with Munawar. Instead of avoiding public scrutiny, she decided to confront the issues in their face and dispel the rumors and misconceptions.

Ayesha Khan Instagram

When you peep into Ayesha Khan’s social media account, look what you get. 4 Be a stalker for some time, and start stalking her account: Ayesha Khan Net Worth is estimated at INR 2cr.

Instagram ID Ayesha Khan
Youtube ID Ayesha Khan
Facebook ID Ayesha Khan
Thread ID Ayesha Khan
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Unknown Facts about Ayesha Khan

  • Her tattoo is on the left side of her ribs.
  • She loves food and enjoys Biryani, Pizza, and Burger.
  • She owns a pet dog called Kannaya.
  • 2019 marked an important milestone for Ayesha when she won the title of Miss Teen Naviwood.
  • Ayesha Khan, for instance, has 3 million followers on Instagram which means she is quite popular.
  • She speaks Marathi well and is conversant with English and Hindi.
  • Ayesha Khan is a television actress who started her career being a junior artist in Kasauti Zindagi Kay as a salon staff member.
  • She has also worked on the other side of the camera, as an Assistant Director and is on her way to becoming an influencer on social media, as she often shares her dance moves on the Internet.
  • Her family origins are in Pakribarawan, Bihar.
  • She was raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • Ayesha was Miss Teen Naviwood in 2019.
  • 2022 She acted in the Telugu movie Guttu Chappudu.
  • She enjoys reading books and traveling during her leisure time.

RJ Karishma


Based on the discussions, we learn who Ayesha Khan is and where she is watching now. If you wish to know more, you may proceed to the Ayesha Khan Wikipedia. Watch this space, we will keep you posted on every development.

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