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BB17 Fame Anurag Dobhal Buys a Land

Another dream of Anurag Dobhal has been fulfilled after leaving Bigg Boss. After Lamborghini, he has now recently purchased land to build his dream home.

BB17 Fame Anurag Dobhal Buys a Land

Babu Bhaiya i.e. Anurag Dobhal, who was a contestant of Bigg Boss 17, often remains in the limelight. Anurag is also a YouTuber and he keeps sharing things related to his life with his fans in his vlog. There is no doubt that Anurag's fan following has increased after coming out of Bigg Boss.

The reality show Bigg Boss has given a different identity to Babu Bhaiya. Now he has fulfilled another dream of his. After buying the car, Anurag has now also bought land for his house.

Anurag Dobhal bought land

Anurag Dobhal revealed in his YouTube vlog that he has recently purchased land. He has bought this land in his mother's name with his own money. Anurag was seen mentioning this in his vlog. Babu Bhaiya said that to date I have bought many things including a bike, car, and super car. Earlier I had bought land on which we had decided to build a house, but later we converted it into a garage.

Then my family started urging me to invest somewhere better, so I finally bought land in my mother's name. When Anurag gave this news to his mother, she started crying.

Anurag gave an update on Lamborghini

Along with this, Anurag also shared a small video on his social media handle Instagram. In this video, he showed his land to the fans and wrote in the caption, "The first beginning of the new house". Along with this, Anurag also shared an update regarding Lamborghini in his vlog.

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Anurag said that the case related to his Lamborghini is still in process. He hopes that everything will become clear soon. They have all the documents ready, but due to the Holi holidays and elections, the process is getting delayed.