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Best K-Drama On OTT 2024

K-dramas have become very popular on OTT in the last few days. Demand for Korean series has increased among the Hindi-speaking audience. If you want to watch something different on OTT, then definitely include the K-dramas mentioned here in your watchlist.

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Best K-Drama On OTT 2024

The scope of entertainment has now increased compared to before. People don't just have multiplexes and TV serials to watch content. There are several stories for the audience in the OTT space also. Anyway, OTT has allowed crossing the boundaries of the world through screens.

Korean Shows on OTT

K-dramas are popular on OTT

When the OTT platform was started, Hindi shows used to dominate the platform in the North. Now fans' choice also includes shows from Japan, Korea, and Turkey, which can be watched comfortably at home. K-dramas have become quite popular in recent times. Their demand has also increased. If you are also fond of Korean shows or want to watch K-dramas, then definitely include these hit Korean shows in your watchlist.


This show of 32 episodes can be watched without any subscription. Starring Shin Sung-rok, Lee Se-young, Ahn Bo-hyun, Nam Gyu-ri, and Kang Seung-yoon, the show shows the balance between professional and personal life. Its story is very emotional.

Shin Sung-rok

A director working in a construction company, who doesn't care about anything other than his work. One day suddenly his daughter disappears. Due to this sadness, his wife commits suicide. On the other side, there is a girl, whose mother is missing from the hospital. After all, to know what is the connection between these two stories, you will have to switch to Jio Cinema.

I am Not Robot

'I'm Not Robot' is a 2017 romantic drama web series. A boy (Kim Min Gyu) has everything - name, fame, money. Still, he stays away from people. The reason is the allergy due to which people get electrocuted by touching it. To overcome his loneliness, he spends time with a robot. He is unaware that the person he thinks is a robot is a girl. This TV show can be watched on Prime Video.

I am not a robot girl


You must have seen the movie Jurassic Park, in which dinosaurs wreak havoc. But in this Korean show, you will see a big animal that looks like a lizard, which has created terror and has troubled people. The good thing is that along with action, comedy has also been added to the show. This Web series can be seen on Prime.

Leio movie Lizard

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'Snowdrop' is a romantic drama show. Its story revolves around Step-sisters Nadya and Irina. Both are in love with the same person, Igor Penin. To win back her love, Irina falsely accuses Nadya of murder. Nadya goes to jail. From there she plans to stop Irina and Igor's marriage. Directed by Jo Hyun-tak, 'Snowdrop' stars Korean actors like Jung Hae-in, Jisoo, Yoo In-na, Jang Seung-jo, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Hye-yoon, and Jang Yoo-jin in lead roles. This show can be watched on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Irina and Igor

All of Us Are Dead

'All of Us Are Dead' is a famous series on Netflix. It also stars Lee Yoo-mi, Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Cho Yi Hyun, Park Solomon, and Yoo In Soo in lead roles. This is a thriller story focusing on a zombie attack. It is shown in the story that the high school has become a den of zombies.

School students are in difficult situations. Not only do the students have to save their own lives, they also have to save the school from this trouble. This suspense-filled K-drama show can be watched on Netflix.

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