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Bharti Singh Birthday Special

You must have often seen famous comedian Bharti Singh laughing and giggling. This is her style, which people are familiar with. She laughs herself and makes others laugh.

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Bharti Singh Birthday Special

Bharti Singh is a well-known name among fans today. She has created a unique identity as a laughter queen by making people laugh. However, to become successful in her life, Bharti has seen a lot of struggle in her life. Bharti's childhood was full of struggle. She celebrates her birthday on 3 July every year. In such a situation, let us know the story related to her life.

Whenever a comedian is mentioned, the first name that comes to people's mind is Bharti Singh. She has created a different identity among the fans with her talent today. Bharti has often seen making people laugh with her punches. Any other female comedian hardly achieves the position that Bharti has achieved in the comedy industry.

Bharti  Singh

Bharti has everything today - name, fame, and love, but it was not always like this. She has worked very hard to reach this position. However, very few people would know about the comedian's struggle. Bharti is going to celebrate her 40th birthday on July 3. In such a situation, let us know how she has traveled from rags to riches.

Bharti lost her father at the age of 2

Bharti Singh was born in Amritsar, Punjab on 03 July 1984.  She has been seen talking about her personal life in many interviews, be it Rajiv Khandelwal or Neena Gupta. The comedian shared her struggle story many times with her fans. In these interviews, she said that when she was 2 years old, her father died. After the death of her father, her mother took up all the responsibilities.

Bharti Singh

Had to struggle for food

While talking to Neena Gupta, the comedian shared that his siblings had left their studies. His mother and siblings used to work in a factory. They had to struggle even for food. His mother used to get stale food from other people, which she used to eat. Sometimes, they even used to survive by eating salt and roti.

Whenever any festival came, the comedian would go into depression. Bharti had told in an interview that when her mother would get a box of sweets, she would worship Lakshmi with it.

Bharti Singh with husband

These two people changed the comedian's life

Bharti gives the credit for her success to Kapil Sharma and Sudesh Lahiri. She had told that once in college, Sudesh saw her making people laugh. Then she won a gold medal in the youth festival. In the second year, she met Kapil Sharma, who advised her to audition for the Laughter Challenge. After this, she never looked back.

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Married to Harsh Limbachiyaa in 2017

Bharti Singh married the writer Harsh Limbachiyaa in the year 2017. Both of them also dated each other for a long time. After this, the comedian welcomed his son Lakshya in the year 2022. Today Bharti hosts many shows and runs her own podcast channel along with vlogging.

Bharti Singh

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