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Bigg Boss 17 10th January 2024 DailyMotion

Salman Khan's hosted show Bigg Boss 17 is in the limelight this time because of the family members of the contestants. Check Bigg Boss 17 10th January 2024 DailyMotion.

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Bigg Boss 17 10th January 2024 DailyMotion

The controversial reality show 'Bigg Boss 17' is in the news for Family Week. Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain's mother have participated in the show. Vicky's mother Ranjana Jain is the highlighting point among all the family members. As the viewers expected that with his arrival, a different level of drama would be seen in the show, the same happened. However, now she has come out of the show. He came out and said something for Ankita, which has been favored by Kangana Ranaut.

Bigg Boss 17 Ankita and Vicky's mother came out of the Bigg Boss house

Ranjana Jain had a lot of fun with the contestants in Salman's show. However, during this time people also saw Tu Tu-Main Main happening between Ankita and her. After spending a day in Bigg Boss's house, now Vicky's mother has come out. As soon as he came out, he talked about the format of the show.

Said this in praise of Ankita

Ranjana Jain has come out and given many interviews. She talked about the relationship between Ankita and Vicky. Vicky's mother said that she has come to explain to her son that if Ankita asks for time, then she should be given time. She is a good daughter-in-law, but there are some things which were not good to see. She talked about the incident of Ankita kicking Vicky.

bigg boss 17 ankita mother episode

Was Ankita Lokhnade the winner of Bigg Boss 17?

Vicky's mother said, "We think these people only bring their faces." Whenever any show of Colors comes, Ankita will come to work. Vicky is a businessman. Thinking this, he cannot be made a winner. Well, seeing the game it seems that Vicky should become the winner. Right now it seems that these people will make Ankita win, the way they are supporting Ankita.

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Kangana Ranaut came out in support of Vicky's mother

Kangana Ranaut has supported Ranjana Jain's words. On praising Ankita Lokhande, she said, "The media is doing its best to break her family." They will not tell you that Vicky's mother has praised Ankita. She is cheering for her daughter-in-law. Reality shows come and go, but family is unbreakable. Hopefully, my friend Ankita wins, but not based on her marriage.

Kangana came in support of Ankita

Contestants, who were separated from their families for two and a half months, got a chance to meet their families in Salman Khan's show. During this time, the wife of social media's 'suddenly terrible' Arun Mashetti also came to the house. The social media star pampered his wife a lot. However, during this time, Arun Mashetti's wife told him something that left the contestants quite surprised.

Arun Mashetti's wife bears this pain alone

When Arun Mashetti's wife came to the house during Family Week, she shared her pain with her husband. Social media star Aachanak Bhayanak's wife told him that she had suffered a miscarriage some time ago. Not many people know that when Arun Mahashetti came to Bigg Boss 17, his wife was pregnant at that time.

When his wife had a miscarriage, she had to bear the pain herself, because during that time Arun was busy with Salman Khan's show. As soon as the news of his wife's miscarriage came before Arun Mashetti, his eyes went dark and he became very emotional.

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Arun Mashetti's wife asked why this news was not conveyed to him

Arun Mashetti's wife, while talking to E-Times, told why she went to Bigg Boss 17 and informed her husband about the accident that happened to her. He also told in the conversation that this was a very difficult time for him, but now that time has passed and now he is completely fine.

Arun with his wife

Ayesha's Entry into Bigg Boss 17 House

After the entry of Ayesh Khan in the Big Boss 17 house Munawar Faruqui has come into the limelight. Aayesha has made so many allegations about Munawar Faruqui after she entered the Bigg Boss 17 house. Every day they both are seen fighting in the show. In the latest episode, Ayesh is going to reveal one more secret related to Munawar in the show.

Ayesha made this revelation

Ayesha said about Munawar, 'I came out after sending Rishta to a girl... and another girl... and now you are using personal reasons here... I will expose it completely when I go. ' Munawar heard it and came to ask Ayesha what personal reasons he had used. After hearing this Ayesha got angry and said to munawar that now you will not speak to me because you know that more things can come out.

Let us tell you that Ayesha had again blamed Munawar for double dating. After that, Munawar also apologized to Ayesha. Things were fine between both of them for some time. But then after the weekend ka Vaar, both of them fought with you.

Munawar's sister will come to the show

Family week is going on in the show. Munawar's sister is going to enter the show. As she enters the house, she hugs Munawar and becomes emotional. She said- My brother has cried a lot. Fans like the emotional bond of both of them. Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain's mother also entered the show. Their mother's entry remained in the news a lot.

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, there was a lot of argument between Ankita and Munawar regarding the nomination. Munawar did not nominate Mannara. So Ankita had questioned Munawar that if he did not like Mannara then why did he not nominate her? On this, Munawar had said that he does not want to have a relationship with Mannara but since Mannara had been his friend at one time, he does not want to nominate her.

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