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Chandrika Gera Dixit Biography: Delhi Vada Pav girl, BB OTT 3 Contestant

Chandrika Gera Dixit, also known as the Vada Pav girl of Delhi, is a street food vendor who recently went viral after a clash with the Delhi Police and Delhi Municipal Corporation employees. She sets up her stall in Delhi's Sainik Vihar. In today's article, we will know the biography of the viral Vada Pav girl.

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Chandrika Gera Dixit Biography: Delhi Vada Pav girl, BB OTT 3 Contestant

Chandrika Dixit is well-known in the busy streets of Delhi, where she is popular as the "Vada Pav girl." She is not from Delhi, but from Indore, which is in the middle of Madhya Pradesh. Her rise to fame is linked to Vada Pav, which is a traditional snack from Maharashtra. Even though she is famous in more than one state, her name is now always linked to Delhi, where her famous food stand, "Mumbai ka famous Vada Pav," gets big crowds.

Chandrika Gera

Viral Vada Pav Girl biography name

A food vlogger named Amit Jindal shared a video of Dixit selling street food in Delhi's Sainik Vihar neighborhood. She became popular overnight thanks to the video, and people began calling her "Vada Pav Girl.""

Who is Viral Vada Pav girl

Chandrika Gera Dixit was born on 19 November in a Brahmin Hindu family in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. The name of Chandrika Gera Dixit's husband is Yash Gera. And they both have a son named Rudra Gera, who was born on 30 April 2021.

Full Name Chandrika Gera Dixit
Chandrika Gera Dixit Date Of Birth 19th November 2001
Birth Place Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Caste Brahmin
Profession Vada Pav Seller, Content Creator
Popularly Known as  Delhi Vada Pav Girl
Marital Status Married
Nationality Indian

Chandrika Gera Dixit's husband name

Chandrika Gera Dixit is from Indore, which is in Madhya Pradesh. She did not have a mother since childhood, her father got married again, due to which her grandmother took care of her. As long as she was alive, she was being brought up well, but after the death of her grandmother, her life became even more difficult. She moved from Indore to Delhi. And in Delhi, she met Yash Gera. Chandrika Gera Dixit used to work in Haldiram. And Yash Gera used to work in a company. But when her son's health deteriorated, she left her job.

Chandrika Gera Dixit with husband

Chandrika Gera Dixit Profession

Chandrika was taught to cook delicious food by her grandmother. Taking inspiration from this, she set up her own Vada Pav stall in Delhi. Slowly, her stall started touching new heights. Big food bloggers started visiting her place. And people started crowding her stall. Along with earning more, people started looking at her with the wrong intentions. People started calling the police to shut down her stall.

Viral Vada Pav Controversies

Recently, there was a big fight between Chandrika Gera Dixit and the officials of Delhi Municipal Corporation at her stall. She said that she had paid Rs 35,000 to an employee of Delhi Municipal Corporation to set up a stall at this place, but that employee kept harassing her after taking the money, which led to an argument between the two. After this, the police arrested her and took her away. But then they released her. Once more, Chandrika Gera Dixit has been caught by the Delhi Police.

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Chandrika Gera Dixit Carrer

The Vada pav girl got a lot of attention when she made her debut in Amandeep Singh's song "Darji." The video of Chandrika is beautiful, and the song is getting great reviews—977k views so far.

Chandrika Gera Music VIdeo Poster

Working with well-known food vloggers and video creators made her even more well-known. She served vada pav to many famous people, such as Tehelka Bhai (Sunny Arya) from Bigg Boss 17 and Dolly Chaiwala.

chandrika dixit with doily chai wala

Chandrika Dixit Future Plans

After days of trolling, fights, and scandals, Dixit was recently seen with a Ford Mustang. The high-end car, which is worth more than 76 lakh rupees in India, is said to be something Dixit will drive to sell bread. A video that became popular showed Dixit taking a pizza out of the trunk of the car. It meant "something big" was going to happen.And now a Jio Cinema official Announced Delhi Vada Pav girl is the first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss OTT season 3. It will be interesting to see her journey in BB OTT 3.


Chandrika Gera Dixit Net worth

Talking about income Chandrika Gera Dixit, sells around 600 to 800 Vada Pav in a day, which gives her around 4000-5000 rupees a day because her network is around ₹500000.

Vada pav girl Delhi address

Chandrika Gera Dixit's stall is in Keshav Mahavidyalaya Gate No. 2 Cooperative Group Housing Society Pitampura Sainik Vihar, Delhi. She sets up this stall with her husband.

Unknown Facts About Chandrika Gera Dixit

  • When she was a child, Chandrika Gera Dixit lived in Indore.
  • People she loved died when she was too young. She went to Delhi after that.
  • She worked at Haldiram's in Delhi for about four years.
  • During the time she worked at Haldiram's, her son got dengue. Then she made up her mind to quit her job and start a food cart business with her husband.
  • What did she call her food cart? Mumbai Ka Famous Vada Pav. The Real Vada Pav is another name for it. 
  • Outside of Keshav Maha Vidhyala, Gate Number 2, Co-operative Group Housing Societies Pitampura, Sainik Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi, you can find Chandrika's food cart.
  • Soon, there were big lines at her cart, and people had to wait hours to get their food.
  • A fight between Chandrika and Delhi Police and Municipal Corporation members happened after they reportedly tried to take down her stall in Sanik Vihar, Pitampura. This brought her a lot of attention. She said that she had paid the people in the Municipal Corporation about Rs. 35,000 to let her run the shop. They were still bothering her, though.

Vada pav girl Delhi

  • The cart has been viewed by and promoted by many well-known bloggers and video makers, such as Saurav Soni, Tehelka Bhai, and Puneet Super Star. A lot of writers have called her the most beautiful Vada Pav Queen.
  • Many bloggers say that she looks a lot like the Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit. An Instagram post by Saurav Soni, who makes videos
  • She has also worked with the well-known tea seller Dolly Chai Wala on one of her movies. 
  • Her Vada Pav costs fifty rupees.
  • Shri Chandrika is a devoted devotee of Lord Shiva.
  • She really enjoys dancing in her free time.
  • She likes to ride her bike.
  • Chandrika really loves animals and has shared many pictures of dogs on her social media pages. 
  • Chandrika has decided that after 8 pm, each person can only buy 4 vada pav from her food cart.

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