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Chandu Champion Trailer Out

Kartik Aryan starrer Chandu Champion Trailer is one of the much-awaited films of this year. People are eager to see the actor in the role of Chandu Champion. Today the trailer of the film has also been released, seeing which you will also become a fan of Kartik.

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Chandu Champion Trailer Out

The poster of Kartik Aryan's much-awaited film 'Chandu Champion Trailer Release' was released a few days ago. Fans went crazy after seeing the first look of the actor and were waiting for the trailer. Finally, this wait is also over. Today the trailer of 'Chandu Champion' has been released.

kartik aaryan chandu champion

Kartik Aryan's film 'Chandu Champion' has been directed by Kabir Khan. Kartik Aryan plays the role of gold medalist Murlikant Petkar in the film produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Interestingly, Kartik launched the trailer of the film in his hometown Gwalior. Now the trailer has also been released on social media.

The Chandu Champion trailer released

'He was shot by 9 bullets in the 1965 war...' The trailer itself started with that page of Chandu Champion's story, which few people are aware of. The story of Muralikant, who dreamed of becoming a champion since childhood, is how he transformed from a gold medalist to an army officer. The person whom people used to make fun of by calling Chandu champion, brought the first gold medalist for the country. ,


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Kartik Aaryan Chandu Champion

The trailer shows how his father did not want him to take up sports. But Chandu had a great interest in sports since childhood. He started his career with wrestling. 'Not Chandu, I am the champion.' This is the dialogue of Kartik Aryan as Muralikant. To go to the Olympics, Kartik Aryan first had to join the army. With this, he got a chance to work on his boxing. But even here Murlikant Petkar's life did not go smoothly.

Chandu Champion

Murali went into a coma after taking 9 bullets during the 1965 war. When he woke up, he found it difficult to fulfill his dreams, but he did not give up. He stood up again and fought. His line at the end is that he wants to fight for every Chandu who wants to become a champion. The film is releasing in theaters on June 14.

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Who is Murlikant Petkar?

Muralikant Petkar is India's first Paralympic gold medalist. He had created a world record of 37.33 seconds in the 50-meter freestyle swimming competition. He has also been awarded Padma Shri. He was interested not only in boxing but also in sports like swimming and table tennis. He has also served the country by staying in the army.

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