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Do you know Raha Kapoor is a Pet Lover

Ranbir Kapoor's beloved daughter Rhea often wins the hearts of social media users with her cute antics. As soon as any video of Rhea comes on the internet, it goes viral in no time. Now recently a video of Ranbir-Alia's 2-year-old daughter has surfaced, after watching which fans called them animal lovers.

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Do you know Raha Kapoor is a Pet Lover

As much as the stars are famous on social media, their children are more famous. Like Taimur Ali Khan-Jeh and other star kids, now Ranbir Kapoor's beloved daughter has also become the darling of users on social media.


Alia Bhatt Daughter

As soon as any video of Alia's daughter comes on the internet, it goes viral in no time. A few days ago, a video of Raha lovingly kissing her father on the cheek came out. Now recently another video of Ranbir's daughter is going viral, in which little Raha's love for animals is clearly visible.

Raha was seen having fun with the dog

Fans' hearts melt on seeing Raha's smile. Recently a video of Raha is going viral, which has been shared by a fan. In this video, Raha was seen going somewhere sitting in Papa's car. When his car stopped at the traffic signal, a woman was seen standing with a dog on the side.


A post shared by Bhatt (@aliaxsweetiee)

As soon as Raha saw the dog, she took her face out of the car and waved her hand to say bye-bye to him. The woman also took the dog in her lap after seeing Raha, seeing which Ranbir's darling started laughing. A fan captured this cute moment between Raha and the dog and wrote in the caption, "Raha is already an animal lover just like his parents".

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Ranbir Kapoor takes full care of his darling

Ever since Raha was born, Ranbir Kapoor has not missed any opportunity to talk about his darling daughter. Ranbir Kapoor himself has admitted many times that he is very obsessed with his daughter Raha.

Ranbir and raha

The way the 'Animal' actor takes care of Raha after becoming a father definitely wins the hearts of his fans. Talking about Ranbir Kapoor's upcoming project, he will soon be seen in Nitesh Tiwari's Ramayan.

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