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Imran khan Lekha Washington Romantic Photos Viral

Imran Khan made his debut with the film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na but he did not achieve the same position as his maternal uncle Aamir Khan in the industry. Meanwhile, Imran Khan is making headlines for his love life. Recently his girlfriend has shared romantic pictures.

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Imran khan Lekha Washington Romantic Photos Viral

Actor Imran Khan, nephew of Bollywood's Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, has been away from the film world for the last few years and is making headlines more for his personal life than his professional life. Imran married his long-time girlfriend Avantika in 2011, but their relationship did not last long and they separated in 2019.

Imran khan wife

After his divorce from Avantika, the actor's name was seen being linked to rumored girlfriend Lekha Washington for a long time, but they never officially accepted it.

imran khan Lekha Washington

Imran Khan and Lekha Washington's relationship

Imran Khan has been in the headlines for a long time for his relationship with his girlfriend Lekha Washington. Both were also seen together at the wedding of Aamir Khan's daughter Ayra Khan. Apart from this, both have been spotted at many events or somewhere. Meanwhile, Lekha has created a stir on social media by sharing a romantic photo with Imran for the first time on her Instagram story.

Lekha Washington Instagram

This photo shared by Lekha went viral on social media in no time. Although the faces of both are visible in the photo, from the features seen in the photo, the fans have understood that these two are none other than Lekha and Imran. The photo is being liked a lot. In the photo, Imran and Lekha are seen looking at each other. Lekha has shared this photo with effects. Lekha shared this photo just a few hours ago, with which she did not add any caption.

imran khan Lekha Washington

Romantic photo of Lekha and Imran

Lekha Washington has shared a romantic photo with Imran Khan on her Instagram story and has also officially announced that both are dating each other. This is the first time that Lekha has shared a picture with Imran.

Lekha shared a romantic photo

This lovely photo shared by Lekha has made the fans very happy. A beautiful glimpse of their love can be seen in the photo, which their fans are also liking very much. In the photo, Lekha and Imran can be seen posing under the blue sky and on the seashore. Both of them seem lost in each other.

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Imran Khan wanted to hide his relationship

During his recent interview with Hindustan Times, Imran had told how he started dating Lekha. He also admitted that he tried hard to hide his relationship, but it could not happen. She said, 'I have tried to keep this relationship under wraps and protect this part of it because of the difficult times of getting a divorce and ending my marriage, which is always something that affects everyone. This is a nonsense topic, which again gives rise to a lot of speculations.

imran khan Lekha Washington

Lekha Washington is the heroine of South films

Lekha Washington is the heroine of South Industry. She has worked in many films. Apart from this, she is also a product designer and video jockey. This list includes 'Yuva', 'Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola', and 'Peter Gaya Kaam Se'.

Imran Khan Upcoming Movies

Recently, entertainment portal PeepingMoon said in its report that Imran Khan is going to make a comeback after 9 years with the film 'Happy Patel'. His upcoming film will be shot in Goa. The special thing is that his upcoming film is being helmed by actor and comedian Vir Das (Vir Das's First Directorial Happy Patel).

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