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Is Shehnaaz Gill Dating Guru Randhawa

Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa has sung many superhit songs in the industry and everyone is crazy about his music. These days the singer is in the news about his love life. The singer's name has been associated with actress Shehnaaz Gill for a long time.

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Is Shehnaaz Gill Dating Guru Randhawa

Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa is often in the news for his professional as well as personal life. For some time now, the singer's name seems to be associated with actress Shehnaaz Gill.

guru randhawa shehnaaz gill

Guru Randhawa Shehnaaz Gill

Last year, the pair had worked together on a song, after which rumors of their relationship have been doing the rounds. However, on the other hand, Shehnaaz Gill's name was also linked with Raghav Juyal and both of them reacted to it. Now the singer has also broken his silence.

guru randhawa

Is Guru Randhawa dating Shehnaz?

Many times people have raised questions about Guru Randhawa and Shehnaaz Gill after seeing their chemistry. Now Randhawa has broken his silence on this and said in an interview with 'Hindustan Times', "I feel very good when people talk about my dating life. My Fans Link me with beautiful girls from all over the world. , so it feels great''.

guru randhawa shehnaaz gill

He added, “I want people to keep doing that for me [talking about my love life]. Even though I'm not dating anyone right now, I might start dating someday soon because of that news.

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How did this rumor start?

Let us tell you, it all started last year when the pair's first romantic video Moonrise was released. After this song, there were rumors of both dating. After this, Guru Randhawa was also seen with Shehnaaz at the screening of the actress' film Thank You for Coming. Both of them posed together on the red carpet, which further fueled the rumors.

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