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Is Sonakshi Sinha Going to Get Married

Amidst the marriage speculations, an old statement of the Hiramandi actress is becoming increasingly viral, in which the actress talked about the necessary qualities of her future life partner.

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Is Sonakshi Sinha Going to Get Married

Sonakshi Sinha is currently in the news for her role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's debut web series 'Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar'. She has played the character of Faridan in this series. She has also received a lot of praise for her excellent acting in this character. Apart from her professional life, the actress is also gathering discussion these days due to her personal life.

Sonakshi Zaheer

Speculations of Zaheer-Sonakshi getting married soon

These days, it is being said in many media reports that Sonakshi is going to marry actor Zaheer Iqbal soon. The actress' name has been linked with Zaheer Iqbal for a long time. It has often been said that both have been in a love relationship with each other for a long time. According to reports, now both are going to tie the knot this month. However, its official announcement has not been made yet. Amidst these speculations related to Sonakshi's marriage, an old video of her is becoming increasingly viral, in which the actress talked about the necessary qualities in her partner.

For Sonakshi, love means comfort

During one of her old interviews, Sonakshi Sinha explained the meaning of love for her. The actress had said that for her, love means comfort. She had said that in the last few years, she has understood the importance of a partner with whom she can be the way she is, without any pretense. She said, "It should be comforting to know that even if you both fight, your life partner will always be there for you".

Sonakshi Zaheer

Sonakshi Sinha Husband

Regarding the necessary qualities in a life partner, she said that honesty is the most important quality. She had said that if someone is honest with himself, only then he can be honest with his partner. Apart from this, she said that for her, it is also important for a life partner to be a cheerful person who laughs and jokes. She further added that you should be as comfortable with that person as you are with yourself.

Sonakshi Zaheer

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal have been dating each other for a long time. According to media reports, both are now ready to take their relationship to the next level. In such a situation, both are going to tie the knot soon. It is being told that the actress will marry Zaheer with pomp on June 23 in Mumbai.

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Sonakshi Sinha marriage

According to this report, 37-year-old Sonakshi Sinha is going to become the bride of 35-year-old Zaheer Iqbal after 3 days. The news of their marriage has made the fans of the actress very happy. However, the news of the marriage has not been confirmed by both of them at the moment. Neither have the families of both given any information about this news related to the marriage. According to reports, with the consent of both families, Sonakshi and Zaheer will become each other's for seven births on June 23.

Sonakshi Zaheer

According to media reports, the wedding celebration will be held at Shilpa Shetty's restaurant Bastian. Sonakshi SInha's family and close friends will attend the wedding. It is being told that their wedding card has also been printed. According to reports, the wedding card is like a magazine cover. At present, no information has been received about which stars can attend their wedding.

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