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Is Song Da Eun Dating BTS Jimin

There have been rumors for a long time that BTS member Jimin and actress Song Da Eun are dating. After a now-deleted popular post made people think the two were dating in 2022, things really got going.

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Is Song Da Eun Dating BTS Jimin

If you like the BTS love life drama, you may know there is a lot of disagreement among fans about whether or not South Korean actress Song Da Eun and BTS member Jimin are dating. Several times in the past two years, rumors have spread on online sites that the two might be dating, with fans trying to figure out what their similar social media activities mean. So it looks like things are getting heated up again. Song Da Eun, who is famous for her role in "The Handmaiden," just posted something big on social media, which got fans' attention and, more specifically, pushback.

Song Da Eun and BTS Jimin are said to be dating.

The rumors about Song Da Eun and BTS's Jimin's relationship started in the summer of 2022 when a now-deleted Pann Nate post shared 12 pieces of proof that they were dating. In these pictures, Jimin and Song Da Eun were both in the same places, wearing the same clothes and suggesting the same movies. In one shot, Jimin and Song Da Eun could be seen at her birthday soccer game together. One person talked about how much they both loved flowers, rubber trees, and other plants.

song da eun and jimin relationship

BTS Jimin and Song Da Eun may be dating.

The actress from "Can't Live Without Losing," on the other hand, has always denied having a personal relationship with the K-pop star, saying that she doesn't know Jimin and has told fans that she is not dating the BTS member. But her most recent Instagram post has made her fans very angry.

Song da Eun and Jimin relationship

The actress shared a picture of two cases, one for earbuds and the other for headphones. The names "Jimin" and "Da Eun" were written on each case. Many people didn't understand what the post meant, and some said the actress was trying to get attention by using the singer's name to make money. That wasn't all, though. Fans of the star found many other videos where she seemed to hint at dating Jimin.

In one video, she posted a picture of someone going by the Brooklyn Park Pier with a flower emoji over their face. Fans quickly noticed that the picture looked a lot like a picture V posted of Jimin last year. She put up a video of her dog playing in an apartment that looked like Jimin's in another video.

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Fans react to the rumor that Da Eun and Jimin are dating.

"She wouldn't make it so clear if she likes and thinks of him." "She seems like she's after attention," a fan wrote on social media, calling the star a money-hungry brat. "People who know, know," said someone else. She pretty much moved into his house since he has to serve in the military right now.

"Check out her Instagram," said another. Even though she put a mask over his face, it's very clear that it's Jimin. "That girl wants attention." It was written by someone else that Song Daeun is not mentally healthy right now, saying that she is showing some bad traits. It looks like she's a crazy ex-girlfriend who wants her ex-boyfriend to pay attention to her so she can get back together with him. But I get her. I would also lose it if I messed up a Park Jimin. She's such a mess, though. The girl seems to have lost her mind.

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