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Bigg Boss 17 contestent Khanzaadi Aka (Firoza) Biography - Age, Height, Wiki & More

Discover Khanzaadi (Firoza) - Unveiling the biography, age, height, and wiki of the rising star.

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Bigg Boss 17 contestent Khanzaadi Aka (Firoza) Biography - Age, Height, Wiki & More

Firoza Khan is a gifted Indian rapper and music composer who goes by the stage name Khanzaadi. She gained her place on MTV Hustle Season 2, India's first rap competition, via steadfast dedication and hard effort. Apart from her TV career, Khanzaadi keeps an active YouTube account where she frequently shares her intriguing rap performances with her followers.

She has been chosen to become a member of the EPR Rebels group and will proceed with the program with their leadership. Her song "No Boundaries" tells the tale of a small-town girl who overcomes challenges to follow her aspirations in a major metropolis and even gets included in Red Indies Shuffle, making her an incredible inspiration for young people. A message of tenacity and living life to the fullest is encapsulated in the song. Many people subscribe to Khanzaadi's active YouTube channel, where she posts all of her music videos. "No Boundaries" and "Azaadi Tarazu" are some of her most well-known songs. The username of her YouTube channel is "Khanzaadi."

Khanzaadi (Firoza) Info

Birthname Firoza Khan
Nickname Khanzaadi
Profession Indian Rapper and Composer
Famous for/as Indian Rapper, Composer, and as Khanzaadi

Firoza Khanzaadi Biography/ Wiki

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Khanzaadi is pleased to be of Indian descent, having been born in Assam, India. She practices Islam in addition to being a talented artist. Participating in the renowned rap competition MTV Hustle Season 2, Khanzaadi built her name in the Indian music industry by bringing attention to herself via her unshakable determination. She also maintains an active YouTube channel where she posts videos of herself performing rap songs.

Emerging Indian rapper and composer Khanzaadi, whose real name is Firoza Khan, is from the state of Assam. Khanzaadi, who is 5 feet 7 inches tall, draws a great deal of inspiration from the musical prowess of Eminem, Arijit Singh, and Shreya Ghoshal.

While her palette loves pizza flavors, her color preferences are bright shades like red, yellow, and black. Khanzaadi's hobbies extend beyond music; she enjoys writing, creating, and traveling. She weighs about fifty-two kg, has striking dark eyes, and her hair is a deep brown color.

Khanzaadi's Education | Firoza Khan Education Details

Firoza Khan was well-educated herself and pursued graduation in an undisclosed school and college.

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Khanzaadi is proud to be from India specifically from Assam. She doesn't only practice Muslim rituals she is also a very talented artist. Khanzaadi is a notable figure in the Indian music industry. She was a part of an esteemed competition at MTV Hustle season 2 where she won hearts by her relentless commitment. She also runs a YouTube channel where she portrays her performance and many other things.


Khanzaadi's Favourite Things/Likes & Dislike

Her favorite musicians include Eminem, Arijit Singh, and Shreya Ghoshal. Khanzaadi seems to prefer his color palettes on the primary and darker side of colors. Pizza is her favorite when it comes to having something special as a snack. In her free time, she prefers to travel, write, and also make music. Khanzaadi likes red, yellow, and black colors the most. Pizza is her favorite dish. She is interested in writing, and travel. She is roughly 52 kilograms. She has dark eyes. Her hair is brown.

Favourite Singers Eminem, Arijit Singh, and Shreya Ghoshal
Favourite Colors Yellow, Black, and Red
Favourite Foods Pizza
Hobbies Traveling, Writing, and Composing

Firoza Khanzaadi Career 

Firoz Khan became a part of the Indian television reality by starting his career on MTV Hustle 2.0 in 2019. This show includes many hit songs like "Azaadi", "No Boundaries", "Lady Don" and a few more.

Khanzadi (Firoza Khan) has professionally sung live at the North-East Festival in December 2022. In August 2023, Firoza Khan took part in the show Splitsvilla Season 15. Firozha Khan is a known contestant in the Indian show Bigg Boss and well appeared in 2023.

Their song "No Boundaries" on Red Indies Shuffle is a testament to their exceptional ability to influence the younger generation in a positive and meaningful way. The song carries a strong message challenging readers to break free and follow their dreams.

Khanzaadi Bigg Boss 17

Khanzaadi is back in the Bigg Boss 17 house in 2023, which made it to the newspaper headlines. With the proceeding of every day, people are getting more into her and valuing the way she is taking a stand for herself and others. Her fame has been stented by Bigg Boss, a show widely watched not only in India but also in other countries. Moreover, she seems to be strongly connected with Jad Hadid, who was part of Bigg Boss OTT2 in the past.

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Khanzaadi Net Worth

Her estimated net worth of about 1.5 million dollars was acquired primarily from her music, YouTube channels, and paid partnerships.

Firoza Social Media Account

Khanzaadi has over 23k followers on Instagram.

Khanzaadi Instagram Check Now
Khanzaadi Youtube Check Now

Some Interesting facts about Khanzaadi (Firoza Khan)

  • Khanzaadi is from Assam, India.
  • She has been into music from a very young age.
  • Khanzaadi successfully caught the viewers' attention throughout her lead in the reality show Hustle 2.0
  • In Hustle 2.0, she joined the EPR rebels squad to fight against injustices.
  • The YouTube channel "KHANZAADI" is operated by herself.
  • Songs such as "Tarzu" and "No Boundaries," are top-notch by her.
  • In the 17th season of Big Boss, she starred in October 2023.
  • Kahazaadi has also made her live performances a source of joy for the public.

Firoza Khan's Instagram Video

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