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Kick 2 Release Update

Salman Khan came up with a film named 'Kick' in the year 2014, which earned a lot of money at the box office and proved to be a blockbuster. Jacqueline Fernandez was seen with him in this film. Now some information has come out about the sequel of this film.

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Kick 2 Release Update

This is great news for Salman Khan's fans because Salman Khan's fans have been waiting for a long time for the sequel of his film Kick. Let us tell you that their long wait is now going to end. Let us tell you that Salman Khan's Kick 2 has been officially announced. Salman Khan is all set to surprise the audience with his upcoming films, where Salman Khan's fans are waiting eagerly for Sikandar, but they are also waiting for the sequel of Kick. Let's know what update has come on Kick 2.

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When will Salman Khan's Kick 2 be released?

In the year 2014, Salman Khan's film Kick was a super-duper hit on the big screen. The film collected more than 200 crores at the box office. Since its release, fans have eagerly awaited the sequel of Kick. Let us tell you that Sajid Nadiawala's wife Warda Nadiawala has shared information about Salman Khan's film Kick 2. Warda said that work is going on in the sequel of Kick. But it is facing delays due to director Sajid's careful approach to refining the script.

Kick 2 Release date

Warda further said that Kick 2 had almost completed its final stage. She also admitted that Sajid feels a lot of pressure from fans to exceed the expectations set by his previous collaborations. Warda urged fans to be patient and support Sajid's creative process. I think fans should take it a little easier and say, bring it, we will like it. She said that the script of Kick 2 is being written. And work on Kick 2 may start after Sikandar. And the film can be released in theaters after Sikandar. That is, by the end of 2025 or early 2026, but no official announcement has been made about the release of Kick 2 yet.

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Kick 2 Cast

Sajid Nadiyawala will focus on the entire project of Kick 2. Right now, only the announcement has been made about Salman Khan's appearance in the film Kick 2. No official announcement has been made about the finalized star cast of the film.

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